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Choosing the right theme for the right job quickens blogging success. A blogger/WordPress theme is not only the framework of a blog, it adds more extra benefits to your blog and this we are going to cover in; 10 Pro Blogging Tips To Know When Choosing A Blogger/WordPress Theme

What is a Blogger/WordPress Theme

A blogger template or WordPress theme is the structural look of a blog. The template of a blog is what visit see when they visit your blog. Each blogger/WordPress blogger can decide which theme to use on his website.

10 pro blogging qualities of a blogger/wordpress theme

A theme adds extra professional touch to the content of your blog. Believe it or leave it; an attracting and well-designed theme is way more preferred than a scattered theme with little or no styling.

Templates/Themes can also be used to identify a specific brand. Since themes are built on CSS, HTML, JavaScript, a blogger can easily select his preferred color code matching with his blog’s logo (or basic colors) to build an easy to identify brand. Most social media networks e.g FaceBook, Google Plus utilizes the color coding in a theme to build a unique brand color.

10 Pro Blogging Tips To Know When Choosing A Blogger/WordPress Theme

As a blogger template designer, I am privileged to know some of the most essential qualities of a blog theme. A beginner might be confused when it comes to choosing a well-performing theme this is why I have compiled this; 10 Pro Blogging Tips To Know When Choosing A Blogger/WordPress Theme. Let’s get started!!.

  1. Themes Responsiveness
  2. SEO Optimization
  3. Fast Loading
  4. Mobile Friendliness
  5. Social Media Optimization
  6. Schema Tags
  7. Proper Ads Spots
  8. Theme Customization
  9. Available Custom Widgets
  10. Awesome Commenting

1. Responsive Blogger/WordPress Themes.

Theme responsiveness should be treated with much regard. Everyday internet users are getting acquitted with mobile phones, tablets, and devices with various screen sizes. A quality theme should be able to adjust it’s structure to each of the various screen sizes using media points.

Google recommends and this whenever you are using PageSpeed tool to test your blog it is specified. Theme flexibility is very much important and should be treated with much priority. Some of the high-quality themes on sale are generally made responsive.

2. SEO Friendly WordPress/Blogspot Themes

I have covered various topics on SEO. From 5 strategic places to use keywords up to how to properly SEO optimize your blogger blog. A blogger template or WordPress theme which is not SEO Friendly should not be considered because SEO themes boost blog organic traffic.

A proper SEO ready theme should have meta tags installed, the post title and blog title should be made search engine friendly, the theme should also have the proper assigning of H1 to H6 tags. WordPress heading tags are Ok but for BlogSpot users, you need to redefine the values of each heading tag.

3. Fast Loading Blog Themes (Speed Up Your Blog).

We just considered SEO as a factor in choosing a proper theme for your blog. Increasing the loading speed/time of your blog starts from choosing a fast loading blogger/WordPress theme. Many themes are built on external scripts and CSS these reduces the loading speed of that template and when such theme is installed on your blog, it will increase your blog bounce rate and kill your SEO.

Fast loading themes are recommended for blogs of all kinds. Every day I try to improve the speed of my blog and I have also written some tutorials on how to speed up a blog! Read that if you already purchased a slow theme else don’t buy a theme that is slow loading. But you can purchase a slow theme that is if you want so much functionality because the higher the functions, the slower the speed!.

4. Mobile & User-Friendly Themes

A theme can look extremely cool on the desktop view and look something else on the mobile view. Stats says more users are acquiring mobile phones. Therefore, you should choose a theme that can accommodate such mobile users. A mobile and user-friendly theme is also recommended to get approved by Google Adsense.

Theme friendliness has over the years been one of the qualities of a Google Adsense approved blog. So for the sake of your readers, making money and SEO friendliness, you should consider purchasing mobile friendly themes.

7 Qualities of a mobile friendly blog

  1. Fast loading
  2. Responsive
  3. Limited Pop-ups
  4.  Fully clickable links
  5. Readable font and font size
  6. Adjustable menus and navigation.

5. Social Media Optimized WordPress/Blogger Themes (SMO)

Want to drive insane traffic to your blog? Try these free social media tools!. Social media optimization remains second to none of the greatest way to gain more visitors from social channels. Every blog should be optimized for easy sharing and advanced open graph tags.

Users being able to easily share your blog posts matters a lot when choosing a theme. Some themes have poor sharing buttons which can deprive your blog post of rich social media shares. Also, you should look out for a theme that has Facebook Open graph, Twitter card, and Google plus tags.

These being the popular social media channels to boost traffic, each post should have a share button that will enable quick sharing to these three social media channels. You should also watch out for Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

6. Schema Tags

You probably have not heard of schema tags. These are tags that explain to search engine every section of your blog. It tells Google crawlers where the post title is, the post image, the post description, all headings in the post etc. This is why you see google showing a featured result for some blog post and not showing for others.

Schema Tags

When users search for a blog post which is most similar to one of your blog posts, If you have Schema tags properly placed in all your blog sections without Errors, Google is most likely to feature your blog post which a description, title, and image.

7. Proper Ads Spots

If the theme you wish to purchase is not Adsense Ads optimized, then you need to read “Properly Show Adsense Ads Anywhere In Blogger Blog“. Making money from your blog is an important part of blogging. You need to settle a few bills which include money used in purchasing a domain name, paying for Webhosting, acquiring premium themes and plugins etc.

Due to this, you need a theme that has high paying ads spots made in. Such a theme can increase your revenue by 75% if you get decent traffic.

8. Themes Customization

Many theme designers reserve this as a premium quality of a theme. Because with a fully customizable theme, you can style your template to match your content and brand better.

Getting a fully customizable theme is worth paying a couple of dollars for. Most WordPress themes might have this handy but it takes hard work to make a blogger template fully customizable. If you see one, consider other theme qualities and get it.

9. Available Custom Widgets

You definitely don’t want to download a blogger template without advanced widgets/gadgets. A proper theme should have its own version of the following widgets

Advanced Custom Widget

  1. Popular posts
  2. Subscribe Box widget
  3. Recent and Random Post
  4. Share Buttons
  5. About Author
  6. Carousels and Sliders etc

10. Awesome Commenting

The best place to check out your blog’s user engagement is in the comment section. Nearly all WP blogs have same default comment while blogger has that ugly and plain commenting. You should choose a theme with an advanced comment system.

A comment section can easily be beautified using CSS and JavaScript. You could also purchase a theme with a double (blogger and Disqus) or more comments systems.

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These are the basic factors of a quality blogger/WordPress theme. I personally love fast loading themes since they improve SEO and mobile friendliness; Now concluded is 10 Pro Blogging Tips To Know When Choosing A Blogger/WordPress Theme