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Making money as a blogger and internet entrepreneur does not always require you putting affiliate banners and links on your blog. You can earn a fortune from selling WordPress themes and Blogspot templates online.

4 Sure Ways To Make Money From Selling Themes/Templates

There are numerous ways to earn a couple of dollars online. You could go into affiliate marketing, ad spot selling, link exchange, article selling and various other ways. Today we will be reviewing 4 simple ways of making millions of dollars from theme selling without much work.

What are Templates And Themes?

Templates and Themes both mean the same thing only that they are used based on the platform; Templates for Blogspot and Themes for WordPress. A theme is the structural look of a blog or website. It is built on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and others depending on its quality.

Bloggers always prefer to purchase already made products in other to reduce stress. Due to this, there are various themes online being sold at cheap and affordable rates and you too can start selling.

4 Ways To Make Money Selling Themes/Templates

1. Selling Your Own Templates

One of the best ways to make money online as a blogger is to sell your own templates. Every now and then we see fashion bloggers selling makeup kits, clothes, Jewelry and others online. Web designers and bloggers can also start selling their own templates online.

Popular blogger Jide probably made a few dollars from selling his theme (OgbongeBlog blogger template) at a price of N10,000 to his readers and many persons ran to purchase it. You too can create and sell your own blogger templates and WordPress themes online.

Where To Sell Your Themes

  1. Sellfy – Build your own shop
  2. ThemeForest

2. Join Theme Selling Affiliate Programs.

If you are not so techy, you can also make money from selling themes. You don’t need to be a designer before you can start selling!. How about joining theme selling affiliate programs such as ThemeForest Affiliate, TeslaThemes affiliate etc.

You can earn up to 30% per sale depending on the theme affiliate you join. I know a few that pays well. This makes you an online marketer. You simply visit theme sellers with affiliate system, register and start advertising using their links. You get a commission for each sale just like Jumia Affiliate.

theme affiliate

You can also write a post about these products and encourage your readers to buy using your affiliate link. I have seen technology bloggers doing this phones and gadgets, you can do this too and start making money as a blogger or theme reviewer.

High Paying Theme Selling Affiliate Programs

  1. TeslaThemes (50% + 15%)
  2. Elegant Themes (50%)
  3. MyBloggerTricks (64%)
  4. ThemeForest (30%)

3. Running A Theme/Template Store

How about running a site where other persons upload their themes for sale and you get your own commission per sale made?. Making money online requires strategic planning and investing in this one might just be your break through.

You might have seen big themes selling sites including ThemeForest, etc. You can create a website like that and start making sincere money online. In this type you don’t need much work, all you need is the resource, a developer and an advertising program such as Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads to advertise your business.

4. Buy And Sell Website Templates

A blogger can also make a reasonable amount of money from buying themes from designers and selling it to customers. This will boost your revenue if you know how to make it work. Every day you see market women buying products from farmers and selling them to customers in the market.

The Same practice can be practiced online only that you make more money online. A typical example is purchasing a premium theme at a price of $10 and then placing it on sale on your site for $9.45. Many users would prefer to buy from you because yours is cheaper.

After just 2 sales you have already earned close to $9 from one theme. But do keep in mind that you need the permission of the designer before you can sell such templates. Or better still you can purchase a copy for commercial use which in often times is more expensive.

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These are the 4 sure ways you can start making money online from selling themes/templates online. You might not make much the first time but with patience and determination, you will start making sincere dollars from your theme sales.