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5 Reasons Garanntor Deserve NiRA Best WebHosting/Domain Award

NIRA is a Nigerian organization that has decided to place out various categories in the Nigerian internet world which other bloggers probably didn’t consider when listing awards such as “best blog of the year, “best tech blog of the year”, “best entertainment blog of the year” etc and other popular internet niches.

garanntor best LOCAL webhosting service in nigeria

Garanntor Nigeria which is a Webhosting company fully hosted and built here in Nigeria has won under the category of “Best Web Hosting” and then I wondered why did I take my time to go and vote for Garanntor!.

1. Garanntor Nigeria Saved Me From DomainKing.

My blog and many other Nigerian blogs maybe including yours were saved by Garanntor from the hands of DomainKing. I can remember when my blog wasn’t assessable for close to 2 days. Where other services would request for an EPP code, Garanntor simply did everything within 5mins.

2. Domain & Hosting Services are Cheap and Affordable.

Despite being new in the Webhosting market, Garanntor Nigeria actually provides the cheapest domain names in Nigeria. a .com for N4000, for N1050. Domainking then was N1300 for

3. Real Time Support

Am not a domain expert though am getting acquitted with it now. Many of you remember when my blog could not be accessed due to “Could Not Resolve DNS Hostname” well a Garanntor support team member (Micheal) actually had to log on to my blogger blog dashboard and help me set things right.

4. Fully Nigerian Based (Structures Built Here).

This stand to be another reason to vote for Garanntor. I will only use Nigerian-based companies because I can simply run to their office and steal one computer as a payback if they suddenly break my heart.

5. Easy Payment GateWay

I realized my Paypal funds actually has worth when I wanted to purchase a domain for a friend via Garanntor. In this era where banks have made an online purchase very hard, we can still easily purchase a domain name from Garanntor.

Rounding up

So imagine Garanntor never opened in Nigeria when they did. Many bloggers would have lost money, their blogs and some would have also gone frustrated. I stand with garanntor because of what they have done for me and other blogs. Congratulations as best local web hosting service in Nigeria