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Blogging every day and every minute is definitely a difficult task and the most tedious part of it all is getting a great blog post idea which will storm the internet.

9 Brainstorming Tips To Come Up With Great Blog Post Ideas

If you have ever published an article that gave you thousands of views, then you will understand what I mean by a great blog post that will storm the internet.

Not every post have the power to pull in views via social traffic and search traffic. Some posts just have amazing titles and this brings in social traffic while others have been optimized with SEO strategy.

But today, am going to show you how to write that kind of post that brings both traffic. Meaning you don’t need to wait for search engine indexing before you start getting thousands of view.

My most popular post in this blog was only shared at most 5 times by me. The rest of the sharing was by people who visited through search engines, loved the article and thought of sharing.

1. Be with your pen and jotter

The best blog post topics come to you when you are not even blogging. Whenever you are using your laptop, surfing the web or designing, you can not get great post ideas because your mind is busy with the activity you are doing then.

Be with your pen and jotter

But at leisure hours, when you are free, traveling, resting or even chilling, that is when the best post ideas come and you should always be with your pen and jotter to write them down.

2. Don’t post always – give it some time.

The more you post articles, the more you get stressed out. Yes, when you keep posting daily, you will keep getting articles related to that specific topic and that will only keep you on writing style.

Taking a break at some point will refresh your brain and thinking. This will improve your thinking power, don’t just be that blogging geek that don’t have fun, all work and no play makes you a dull boy.

3. Write with the door closed and rewrite with the door opened.

I learned this on the web. You are not just some street blogger that just compose a post and publish on the web. At least there must be a value placed on blogging by you. and if so, you should always write and rewrite.

write and we-write

By the door closed, I did not mean your room door! I meant the door inside you that separates you from thinking about others. Write a post thinking of just yourself and not what others will think.

And by rewrite with the door opened, I meant you should now think about your readers, their feelings and how they will react to such a post and with this simple routine, you will be able to create effective posts.

4. Don’t ever copy – not even once.

If you steal a meat today, you will still steal tomorrow why? it’s an easy way out. The moment you start copying other people’s ideas and posts, you practically limit yourself to that.

don't copy other bloggers

You can never write quality posts by yourself again. I have long restricted myself from copying others because when you do that, you lose your motivation for blogging.

Writing is a step by step growing procedure, the more you write by yourself, the better you become at it, the minute you think of copying another blogger, your knowledge about writing downgrades. This doesn’t mean you should not learn from others – you should learn but don’t be a copycat.

I often see copy bloggers as dull bloggers who can’t even figure out a post idea.

5. Have more than one post on the desk

Having more than one post on the desk is an easy way out. Now you want a blog post idea right? Then you need to attain blog post ideas. It is easier to archive two blog posts than one.

Whenever I get ideas to write a post, at that moment I always get extra ideas related to the post idea and if the power of that post is in the title and content.

Therefore you will simply jot down all posts, related it and pick the one with the most captivating title aside from that you should think of series articles in this manner you will never run our of ideas.

6. Write from your heart – Redefine your intention

If your intention for starting a blog is to make money and get millions of views, then you probably won’t get there. Have you ever wondered why I offer free templates? after spending days working on a theme, I still offer it for free.

write from your heart

Blogging and writing should be your heart desire and your passion should lie in it. You are never going to get a great post idea if all you think of is getting millions of views.

Think of how your blog posts will help others, the value it will impose on people and not the millions of views. Even when it is only one person that reads it, just make sure it helps that person. Good posts don’t need SEO, they speak for themselves.

7. Re-Read your former posts

At some point, you might have lost that great method or style at which your blog topics were interactive and helpful. What should I do? read your own articles, It is one way to get more blog post topic ideas for your blog readers.

It might seem kind of weird but give it a try it works well. You might just be reading and some post idea related to that topic will fly into your head. So give it a shot.

8. You social shares – especially twitter

I wrote a
bout keywords and SEO. I decided to name it, 5 strategic places to use keywords for better ranking. The post was a blast but then it gave me another idea while sharing to twitter. I twisted the post title to – Understanding SEO keywords and how to use them.

To my surprise, that tweet gave me numerous retweets and I then saw potential blog post there and made it a new blog post and it did awesomely well. Post topics are everywhere you just need to pick them.

ask your readers

9. Ask readers what they want.

It is always a good idea to ask your small scale or large scale blog readers what they want. By doing so, you can get some topics related to the needs of your readers and the best way to always go about anything is hitting what is needed.

Ask them what they and write on what is needed.

Rounding Up

If you want to build a brand on the internet, you need to build yourself. The day you start growing, is the day your blog start growing. You might be a very bad writer at first but what really matters is at the end point, not the beginning.

I started as an error blogger. All my write ups were full of grammatical errors but with time and some cool tools such as Grammarly, Prince is getting better by the day.

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Write from your heart and you will make it. If your intention is to write a post that will bring millions of views, then you probably won’t get any quality idea

but if you simply write from your heart considering what people are in need of and how you can help them out, then you will write the best of posts.