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9 Places To Waste Your Money And Love It!!

This is not some regular blog post talking about blogging, themes, and other blog stuff. Actually, i had this on my mind for quite some time and thought where is the best place to share my thought except my blog?. 9 Places To Waste Your Money And Love It!! actually sound funny but they are true.

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9 Places To Waste Your Money And Love It!!

1. YouTube

You definitely have to believe this. I remember spending my supposed 1 month Glo subscription in less than a week all because of YouTube!. My advice is, don’t go in there at all, cause once you log on to YouTube, is either your phone/PC battery saves you or you are dead!!.

2. Blogging

Bloggers make money but not every blogger does. I bet you have once in your life as a blogger make $0.0 in a month. I can remember when I spent my money on subscription and at the end Adsense didn’t even approve my blog. Neither did I even make a penny from it until now (i mean recently, like recently)

3. FaceBook

Whenever my phone is down, am always thinking about how many notifications, post likes, messages, shares. Wow! Most persons only subscribe monthly just for Facebook. All of you posting photos and videos, are you being paid?. Mark just created a platform that makes you go nuts and waste your money. I bet you your friends will even become your enemies simply because you didn’t like their photo. OMG. Facebook oh facebook.

4. Beer Parlor

Drink first bottle, second bottle, third bottle, buy for your friends, my brother are you village people chasing you. It’s really insane how we spend thousands in a beer parlor drinking beer (same taste).

5. WhatsApp

I thought it’s absolutely free? how come we still waste money just to read chat. The funniest part is, Whatsapp won’t even beg you to waste your money because they know you simply can’t do without them. And these people sending meaningless videos and photos. Well done.

6. Opposite Sex

This world has never been so corrupt as of now. I don’t need to speak much about this one cause you know yourself and how much you spend! or should I say waste?.

7. Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat & Social Media Alike

That twitter feed that keeps bringing news is really wicked and all these slay queens that won’t let us do without Instagram and SnapChat. Hellfire is real.

8. Football Joints & Stations

How much have you made from watching football?. I love football oo but come to think of it, how much do u make from it. In fact, it should be how much do you spend Saturdays and Sundays watching football?. I heard Arsenal played 2-2 against Man City… Now I respect Arsenal (i respect the dead).

9. Live Shows.

This is not common among average individuals. Just imagine paying 1million naira for just a night, just to hear Olamide, Wizkid sing, just to hear Gordons, AY crack jokes, Only one night not even up to 1 day and you will just spend 1million naira!. Bros CD plate is not up to N500. If you give 1million to 100 people, bros each person will get 10k. Bros them go lie down pray for you.

At the end of it all, we enjoy doing all these things without even realizing how much it’s taking from our pockets daily and monthly. They are kinda Funny but true.

Notice: If you comment, you will pay 10k. So just read and go!.