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Prince John Okosun is a passionate blogger, template designer, product reviewer and great post writer. I blog as a student and I literally do everything from my bedroom. I loving sharing awesome tips I find helpful to myself.

Hey dear, welcome to my blog and hope you are having a great stay here?. Well, my name is Prince John Okosun and don’t worry about the “Prince” it’s just a title I added to my name – wait! can we share a little secret? (little voice: am no real prince) lol. You better don’t tell me to cause if you do!! hmmm.. I will tell my mummy. Lol. Do you want to know me right? so let me start giving my history.

I am from a very small village inside a very small town inside a very small state inside a big country. Yea I am from a village called Idumo – Oza located in Uromi ( Esan North East LGA). These two places are located in Edo State, the heartbeat of the Nation. Nationality check? – Nigerian. 
If you have read anything about me, then you should know that I am actually a very young student who was brought to earth by a very beautiful lady Felicia Okosun and a handsome man with big belly Bishop Anthony Okosun. Am from a Christian home and a proud member of Church Of God Of Prophecy. All my brothers attend the same church where dad is the regional oversea and if God wants it, I might end up successfully as a man of God.
In my Family, we are in total 10. minus dad and mum we are 8 children and out of all the humans that came out of mum’s womb, I am the last. Yea!! Jealous?. Dad is a lover of boys and he ended up with 7 boys and just one girl. She is married with two kids – so don’t pimp at her. Others are just doing well while I am here with my baby blog trying to entertain everyone that feels I have something to offer.
Educationally, I am studying for a degree at the Ambrose Alli University. a state university in Edo State. This is the main reason why I hardly find time to post frequently. Books to read and classes to attend every day. I am currently a first-year student and I am in a class full of engineers. Meaning I am an engineering student, not just that, I am taking classes for mechanical engineering though my real passion is Aero Engineering. Some day I will do that. Fly a plane and build one also.
What have I not said? Oh. For my age try using google cause I won’t tell. But if you subscribe to my blog, I might be tempted to share with you. Dumb! let me just say it but don’t forget to subscribe o. Well, am 20 years now. soon will be 21 years and my year it’s 1996. all put together its July 6th, 1996. So don’t forget to wish me a happy birthday on your blog and social networks.
I think I have successfully said everything about me and my very small village. What else do you want to know? place it here. on my contact page and I will get to you real quick.

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Well, I forgot to mention earlier. My nickname is Jokos. Short for John Okosun. 
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