Who is Blogging Prince?


Do you want to Start, Design, Grow and Monetize your online business? Then you are in the right place.

There are exactly 4 steps to running a successful business online, and these are;


At this stage, I will teach you how to get started, if you wish to run a blog, then this start for you actually including purchasing web hosting, domains, etc


After the initial start-up, the next stage is to give your new business a good look. For blog/website owners this stage includes setting and modification of themes.


No online business would succeed without exposure, Hence at this stage Blogging Prince takes you through the steps required in building a user base around your website.

Better known as growing traffic


The last step is monetizing your online business, finding the best platforms and the highest optimization tips that will enable you to make money online.

Once Again, welcome to BloggingPrince.com a Website where you can learn how to start a blog, design it, grow traffic and make money online.

BloggingPrince.com By The Data

BloggingPrince.com was founded in 2015 by Prince John Okosun, over the years, this website has helped various online workers, marketers, and bloggers.

Its major solution zone is the startup, design, traffic growth and money making ways of virtually all online business.

It soon rose to fame after it’s founder published a few SEO hacks and also a few super optimized blogspot themes for FREE.

It’s founding name is “Obhiabablog.com.ng” and was later changed to bloggingprince.com after an online poll was held and a majority of its users demanded a change in domain.

Publications over the years have been successful and BloggingPrince at some point outranked many of the major websites in Its niche.

Good and helpful articles are the Goal and that we have been doing over the years.

Who is Prince John Okosun?

Prince John Okosun is also known as Blogging Prince is the founder and administrator of bloggingprince.com. He also takes total control of the daily article writing and theme designing.

Prince John Okosun Photo
Prince John Okosun Photo

He is a Mechanical Engineering student at Ambrose Alli University, and currently, take blogging as his night shift business.

Unlike, many other students, Prince John Okosun (Blogging Prince) believes in entrepreneurship i.e becoming your own boss. And thus far it is working well for Prince.

Aside from blogging, Mr. Okosun, also offer services such as Web designing, SEO setup, Blog creation, etc.

His highest pay thus far actually came from pay for web designing services.

The Future of Blogging Prince?

One of the major goals is to build a website online newbies can rely on. Aside, from making money via the platform, We really hope to equip bloggers and designers with strong knowledge on how to make it online.

Currently, we run a shop where we run a 70% share affiliate program to enable bloggers to earn quick money.

One other thing, I would advice is to ensure you sign up for newsletter and notifications, This is will enable you to stay in touch with the latest tips that work.

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