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Not until a few days ago, I had felt that google has abandoned their BlogSpot company because we hardly received update but thanks to this same platform, we now have free https connection and an option to add unlimited smileys/emotions, currency icons, special characters to every blog post right from the post editor without adding any codes.
Add Emoticon, Special Icons To Blogger Post
At this point, Blogspot owners can fully drag authority over others. Recently with just a little effort, I saw my posts ranking number one on search engines including Google and Bing. You see with the advanced help provided by Blogspot owners, we are sure of a 100% blogging success.
The new updates do not only let you add emoticons, it also gives you space or a board to draw your own emoticons. Which makes it an unlimited experience of blogging mixed with fun.

How To Add Emoticon, Special Icons To Blogger Post

Whenever you are writing a post, and you wish to add an emoticon, all you need to do is follow the below simple steps. Adding a smiley is just like adding a text to your post.💓💋
Step 1
In your blogger post editor, locate the round icon that looks like a head on the editing menu. It is right after the add video icon.
Step 2
Clink on it and select any icon you wish. You can either choose from the categories or simply search for any icon you want. You can add various items from Emoji to scripts etc.
Step 3
If you wish to draw your own Emoji, all you need to do is draw any icon you want on the board provided below the search box.
Step 4
That is all. Enjoy the new updates provided by blogger.☺👍