Free CSS Minifier


Introducing “Best CSS Minifier” in 2019 to optimize the pagespeed of your website and also keep your CSS neat.

CSS is the global styling language of the internet, practically all websites uses CSS codes either hosted locally or externally.

Hence, it is recommended to keep your CSS neat and also, several pagespeed tests on various tools have proven that well minified CSS is better for page speed.

Therefore, I have provided free to my readers the Best CSS Minifier to use in 2019. This tool is easy to use, and also works like charm. In only a few minutes, you will be able to minify your CSS codes for free.

Let’s check it out.

Features of Best CSS Minifier

Generally, The main features are listed below;

  • Strip off comments
  • Super Compact
  • Keep indencation
  • Remove the last semi-colon

Strip Off Comments

CSS comments helps to separate codes sections, Assuming a section for header styling, footer styling etc but however, these extra few lines of code can have an impact on pagespeed;

Therefore, you could remove such comments using the strip off comments function of the 2019 best CSS minifier.

Super Compact

While studying about pagespeed, I did come across an article which explained to me how little spaces could increase page loading time.

Therefore, you can solve this problem using the super compact option of the Best CSS minifier provided by blogging prince

Remove Last Semi-Colon

In case, you didn’t know, the last semicolon of a CSS codes for example

.myteststyle {background:#fff;color:#000;}

Now, in the above example, you can see the last simicolon afater #000 but then in the below code i have removed it.

.myteststyle {background:#fff;color:#000}

The Best CSS Minifier can easily help you get this done for several lines of code and its for free because it is a free css minifier.

How To Use The Best CSS Minifier

In order to use the free pagespeed tool to increase your website loading speed, follow these steps

  1. Copy your CSS code using CTRL + C for windows users
  2. Visit the below CSS Tool
  3. Paste your code in the box
  4. Tick any features you want
  5. Click Compress CSS
  6. After compressing, click “Select All” and use CTRL + C to copy.

The above CSS Minfier tool help you top optimize your CSS code making it neat and fast.