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Are you looking for the best websites to buy domain in Nigeria at a cheap price? let’s say a .com domain name below 4000naira?

Then this post is right for you, below is the complete list of domain registrars in and outside Nigeria where you can register cheap domain names.

Here are a few questions and answers

1. How Much does a domain name cost in Nigeria

Generally, you can get a domain name in Nigeria for as low as N999.00 that would be a but for a .com domain name in Nigeria, you can get it cheapest for N3,499 from Garanntor or at initial N3,191 from Namecheap with Whoisguard.

2. Best domain registrar in Nigeria

Based on pricing the best local Domain registrar in Nigeria is Garanntor, then followed by Hub8 which offers a .com domain for as low as N3500.

This is only in regards to pricing but if you wish to take a look at international companies you might want to check out Namecheap and Godaddy.

6 Best Websites To Buy Domain In Nigeria

  1. Garanntor
  2. Hub8
  3. Domainking
  4. Whogohost
  5. Namecheap
  6. Godaddy

1. Garanntor

garanntor domain registration
garanntor domain registration is one of the best domain registrars in Nigeria with cheap domain names ranging from 999naira to 8500naira.

You can easily get a .com domain name from Garanntor at about 3,499naira One good service provided by garanntor is the customer services

They can help you set up your registered domain to any platform including the popular blogger and WordPress.

Some helpful Garanntor guides

Here are the steps needed Buy Domain In Nigeria from

  1. Visit the garrantor official website
  2. Input your preferred domain name and select extension
  3. If available, you can make a purchase with your Nigeria card.

2. Hub8

Hub8 Domain Registration
Hub8 Domain Registration

In a few days, I would be writing about how to start a WordPress blog on Hub8 using one of their cheap hosting packages (same I use for many of my blogs) you can get a cheap hosting at 4000naira year using this link.

Back to Hub8 domain name registration, you can sure of quality service from them, though a lot of persons complain about their customer support,

I have got to give them a compliment for offering the cheapest and power plans and domain names.

Hub8 is an international company, which recently opened a branch here in Nigeria to sell hosting and domain names to Nigerians.

Hence, we call it one of the local domain registering websites in Nigeria because all the plan are paid for Naira and with local Nigerian credit cards.

If you are interested in getting a domain name from hub8, here are the steps needed.

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Type in your domain name and choose extension
  3. Pay with your Nigerian card.

3. Domainking

Domainking Domain Name In Nigeria
Domainking Domain Name In Nigeria

My very first domain name was purchased from Domainking but something which date I believe they have not recovered from happened and then my self and a few friends had to move to an alternative.

Is Domainking a good domain name registrar in Nigeria? can I buy domain in Nigeria from domainking? Yes.

After the previous incident, Domainking has actually come back strong and have been really offering quality services.

Here are the steps to buy domain in Nigeria from Domainking below 4000naira in 2019.

  1. Visit the domainking official website
  2. Input your domain name and choose your preferred extension

4. Whogohost

Generally, In Nigeria hosting providers are all domain registrars same is Whogohost one of the best domain registrars in Nigeria also providing hosting services.

Whogohost offers a .com domain at “N3,900.00” for a year and a domain for “N1,200.00” for a year which is quite reasonable for a Nigerian online newbie.

You can pay for your plans using your Nigerian debit cards and you would be charged in Naira. One of the advantages of patronizing Nigeria based domain registering companies.

  1. Visit the whogohost official website
  2. Input your domain name and choose your preferred extension

5. Namecheap

Buy Domain In Nigeria Namecheap
Buy Domain In Nigeria Namecheap

Namecheap is an internationally renowned domain registrar with a lot of Nigerian patronizers.

It’s best known for domains hence, you can trust them for a quality registration of domain name for your website.

It doesn’t offer a domain name but you can get a .com domain name for the first year for “₦3,191” and renewal is “₦3,946”.

Here are the steps to buy a domain name from Namecheap.

  1. Visit Namecheap domain registration page
  2. Type in your domain and select extension
  3. Pay with a master card.


Godaddy Cheap Domains
Godaddy Cheap Domains

When it comes to the cheapest first payment, Godaddy is the registrar to run to. They offer a dot com domain for £0.99 (467.74naira) but renewal is £16.10 (7,606naira).

Hence if you are looking for a domain for just a year or so, you can get it at Godaddy but if you intend to use it forever.

I advise you to go to one of the other options because of the super high renewal price.

All that said and done, let’s do a price comparison and check all features of these websites to buy domain in Nigeria.

Websites to Buy Domain in Nigeria (Price Comparison)

NamePrice (.com)Price ( (.ng)
Garrantor 3,499 999₦8,500
Hub8 3,500 1,450₦14,900
Whogohost ₦3,900 ₦1,200₦9,500
Namecheap ₦3,191 (₦3,946)NilNil
Godaddy 467 (₦7,629)NilNil

Rounding Up

Domain names are important for business and every business owner should consider getting one.

Though there are several options to get a domain name registered in Nigeria, these cheap options should be your main focus.

Because online web hosting, a registered name is the same everywhere though some offer benefits which others don’t.

An example is Namecheap which offers domain name protection (hide the information of the domain name from the public/whois).

That offer cost more than a domain name. Hence if you really want to get a protected domain at a cheap price, you can try out Namecheap but also,

When it comes to super cheap registration for a one-year project, then whois shouldn’t be a problem instead the pricing should.

Making Godaddy the favorite with just 0.99 euro you get yourself a dot com domain name in Nigeria for a year. But renewal is the problem.

For any kind of need, you might have these, 6 listed websites to buy domain in Nigeria can have it fixed and I must say, they are your best alternatives in case you wish to transfer too.