Goodness Grid Blogger Template

Goodness Blogger Template (Grid Version) is a special grid blogger template created as a version of the Goodness Blog.

It gets a modified look of posts being displayed in a grid format which seems to be best for

  1.  Music blogs
  2. Entertainment blog
  3. Technology blogs
  4. News blogs etc.

Goodness Grid version comes in with all the features of a quality blogger template. It is simple, Adsense Optimized, Fast loading, Search Engine Optimized and Social media Optimized.

Its main aim is to give your users a super cool reading experience, with shadows design property being used instead of the old-age borders.

Shadows bring in material design which is the latest design trend for 2018. Making Goodness blogger template grid version, ideal for you.

Features Goodness Blogger Template (Grid Version)

1. AdSense Ready

Goodness Grid is made Adsense ready with optimized ads spot automatically created for you.

I have followed the best Adsense practices and have created this ads spot based on higher clicks and impressions.

In Goodness grid, ads are located at

  1. Below all blog post title
  2.  At the center of all blog posts
  3. After the 1st and 4th post in archive pages
  4. Sidebar
  5. Related content at the end of all blog posts etc.

2. Search Engine Optimized

Following the latest trends and practices of SEO, I have made Goodness grid, search engine friendly.

Google considers fast loading sites, mobile-friendly, responsive, meta tags, keyword targeting, etc when ranking blogs.

These I have added into the framework of Goodness grid blogger template. Recently, Table of Content widget (TOC) has been found to increase CTR, so I have also added an automatic TOC widget to the theme.

3. Social Media Friendly

The second best place to grow traffic is social media channels such as Facebook, twitter, google+, etc.

These platforms require your site to be optimized before you can really take full advantage of them.

These optimizations include share buttons, open graph, authorship, etc and all these have been carefully added to Goodness Grid blogger template

You can read more features here.

Final Verdict

Goodness Blogger Template (grid version) is one the best blogger template for entertainment, music, technology, and news bloggers in 2018.

Get this template and give your awesome blog an awesome look.

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