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Finding the ID of every widget and section on our blog is most important when we want to specify a function to just a single widget or just one section of the header, sidebar or the post body. Understanding every segment of a blog is very wise because when you do, you can style anything on your blog and can make the best of each gadget.
Earlier I felt a need to segment what is shown on the home page, post page and static page. And for me to do this, I need to know the ID of each of my widget. Some of the basic of Widget IDs are listed below.

  • HTML
  • PopularPost
  • LinkList
  • Sidebar-right-1
  • sidebar-left-1
  • header
  • footer
These being the basis, are responsible for naming widgets and sections. The first 3 are only for widgets –  this is why you have HTML1, HTML2, and others in the ascending other. While the other 4 are the basic sections which are the header down to the footer. So now let’s see how to find the ID of each widget on your blog.

Now I am going to visit my blog using google chrome. and I advise you visit yours too or just take mine as a text template.
In my text blog, I have a popular post widget and I am going to be showing you the ID of the widget and the ID of every other widget on my blog using google inspect too. I would also share with you a brief video which I also recorded.
Hover over the widget or the widget title then clink CTRL+SHIFT+I, then a new box will show up on the side showing you codes and IDs. Check the picture bellow and you will see the section ID circled and also the Widget ID.
Widget ID, Section ID

Watch Video Tutorial On Find Widget ID, Section ID Using Inspect Tool Below

Final Words

This is the end of today’s post and hopefully by next week, more post on google chrome inspect tool will be published. Feel free to ask any questions at the comment section and i will get to you in a minute.

Happy Blogging!.