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In this post, you are going to learn how to easily grow chatbot subscribers in 2019 using free tools provided by these same platforms.
9 Ways to Grow Chatbot Subscribers
There are various platforms to create chatbot but in my previous article on chatbot where I gave a detailed explanation of how to build a chatbot for a website,
I only talked on Chatfuel and didn’t talk about other platforms such as ManyChat, well in this post, I am going to be referring to all platforms in general.
So everyone whether on chatfuel or ManyChat can learn from it.
Let’s go ahead and learn how to grow chatbot subscribers.

Table of Contents

9 Best Ways To Grow Chatbot Subscribers In 2019

  1. Growth Tools for a website (pop-ups)
  2. Send to messenger widget
  3. Growth tool for facebook comments
  4. Run facebook advert
  5. Offer a free product
  6. Teach others how to build a bot
  7. Submit your bot to Facebook Discovery
  8. Submit your bot to botlist
  9. Improve Blog Content

1. Growth Tools for a website (pop-ups)

customer chat plugin
Chatfuel and ManyChat provide their users with pop-up growth tools which include the customer chat plugin on both platforms and also a floating header on ManyChat.
Practically ManyChat provides you with more of such plugins and now let’s see how to use these tools to grow your blog.

  1. Pop-up banners have the ability to attract customers and with the way these customer plugins are made, it is so easy to grow chatbot subscribers.
  2. The customer chat plugin is positioned in a way that it doesn’t affect or cover up your blog content which makes it less spamming.
  3. A user in need Like wants to ask a question will want to chat with the blog admin, with the customer widget, users tend to find quick access to you will you are simply subscribing them.

2. Send to messenger widget

send to messenger plugin
I have noticed not a lot of users make use of the send to messenger growth tool.
This tool can be quite used when it comes to increasing your chatbot users.
The send to messenger plugin is a tool optimized for certain sections of your website,
though users happen to be super attached to pop-ups,
the send to messenger plugin can be very effective if placed in good positions.
Let’s see how to use this plugin.

  1. Place in contact forms: the send to messenger plugin is more ideal and will work better on contact form/page more than any other widget.
  2. Below each post: just the same way you would place a subscriber box, below blog posts, the send to messenger growth tool can also be very effective at the same position.
  3. At the sidebar below author bio: another good position for this plugin, is at the sidebar and specifically below the author bio box.
  4. About us page: Users will definitely like to contact you after reading about you, so placing the send to messenger plugin below the about page is a good way to grow chatbot subscribers.

3. Growth tool for facebook comments

Connecting to your Facebook friends right on the comments of your post can be quite interesting but what is more interesting is converting every comment into your chatbot subscribers.
What an easy way to increase chatbot users.
Chatfuel, ManyChat, and other platforms provide this tool and it seems to be the best if properly used.
One advantage of this method is that.
Other plugins are limited to only your blog audience but the comments plugin is accessible to billions of Facebook users.
and can also be used in your blog, if you make use of facebook comment box as your blog commenting system.

4. Run facebook advert

Facebook is the biggest social media platform with billions of users (your customers), in other to get to them at once, you need to run facebook adverts.
By running ads, Facebook ads management will display your post/product to other people you would have never been able to reach.
What makes this more powerful is when used with a chatbot.
You can simply connect your chatbot to a Facebook post which is being advertised, so in that way, you don’t only get people to see your products,
You also get them to join your chatbot subscribers.
So even when they don’t buy your product, they are at least your subscribers and at any time you can always advertise your products to them right in messenger.

5. Offer a free product.

Lead generation practices have always been more effective for those who offer free products.
This can be done using the growth tools, whether the pop-up banners, send to messenger or comments plugin.
Let’s see its advantages

  1. Offering a free product such as e-book attracts more users to opt-in.
  2. It can be used to get only a specific audience type. So if you are offering an e-book on SEO, only bloggers will be interested which definitely is the best audience for you.
  3. It pulls in more weight since it is effective both on facebook and on your website.

6. Teach others how to build a bot

The ability to build a Chatbot is one knowledge you don’t want to keep because by teaching others how to build a messenger chatbot,
you are also growing your list of chatbot subscribers.
Since this new audience, have no idea of a chatbot, they would definitely use yours for demo and for an experiment which will get them locked in.

7. Submit your bot to Facebook Discovery

Facebook has a discovery tab that lets you submit your bot to the community and if your bot get picked and featured,
then you on your way of getting thousands of subscribers.
ChatBotsLife boost of getting 100k chatbot users in 1 week and all credits went to the blog and facebook discovery tab.

8. Submit your bot to botlist

Botlist is an awesome directory to discover bots. User submits their bots there so as to grow their subscribers and its quite effective.
You can easily create a botlist account, choose a membership plan (no free plan) and submit your bot to be discovered.

9. Improve Blog Content

For users to actually want to join your bot list straight from your blog, then you should have good content on your blog.
Good contents enough to improve SEO and drive in search traffic.


Growing your chatbot subscribers is very easy if you can target the right audience because if you get the wrong people to subscribe,
it’s only going to be a burden to you since they won’t patronize you.
So it is advice you target only the right audience when using the growth tools.
Hopefully, these 9 ways have shown you how to grow chatbot subscribers in 2019.