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Today, you are going to learn exactly how to get more search clicks (CTR) with headline analyzer.


Its the same tool I use and i am going to show you how it is done.

What would SEO in 2019 be like? is it going to be the usual build links and rank or something different should be expected?

You can never tell the algorithms, neither can you determine when it get changed but one simple hack you can practice is optimizing your content to best suit queries.

What is a Headline Analyzer

Just the same way you get to test for pagespeed, you can now test for the quality of a title using a Headline Analyzer;

This tool works buy setting up a few criterias which have been studied to work well in regards to Search presence and human response.

In other words, a Headline Analyzer is not a tool that ranks you but a tool that shows you what others have done that worked!.

Basically, these criteria taking into considering can be divided into two

  1. For Search engines
  2. For Humans.

For Search Engines

Can you build a headline (post title) the exact way search engines want it? Yes, if you are able to properly optimize your SEO title using a headline analyzer.

One of the greatest mistakes of content titles then was “Title length” how long should a title be?

Bloggers barely know such, but by using a headline tool, you can easily know the number of words and characters in other to prevent search engines from cutting your titles.

For Humans

The main essence of ranking blog posts is to gain the attention of humans. Therefore, ranking your content is not all that matters, making users click on your post title matters tool.

A few years back, I would rank my posts and not get traffic I later discovered, my titles and meta descriptions were not converting

hence, users had to go with other options.

What was the solution? Optimized titles and this i did by using some free Headline Analyzers.

Features of Headline Analyzers

All Headline analyzers are not the same but below are a few features which are available in over 80% of the best headline analyzers.

  1. Optimized Search engine headline title length analysis
  2. Title strength (context words, emotional, power words)
  3. Search engine result page simulation
  4. Headline type (List, Generic, How to etc)
  5. Presumed headline score

Headline Title Length Analysis

Headline analyzing tools have this feature of optimizing the length of a post title, they can highlight whether it is too short or too long.

One reason for this is that you don’t search engines to trucate your title which could actually become meaningless if not properly optimized.

Hence these free online tools, follow search engine guides and analyze your post titles.

According to Coschedule, titles within the range of 55 characters and 9 words perform better.

Title Strength/Balance

Humans are sensitive to words when using the internet.

Which suggests the usage of specific words these words form up the strength of the title.

Major categories are Power, Emotional, Common and Uncommon words.

Person discovery have proven to me that title that start with “Best, Free, Cheap etc” out perform others.

Hence, Headline Analyzers include the title strength as of the criteria needed to rank higher on SERP.

Search Engine Result Page Simulation

Nearly, all Headline Analyzers simulate the look of search engines result pages this it to enable you see how your post would look like on search result pages.

Headline Type Generator

Headline Analyzer from coschedule can immediately inform you of your headline type.

But do not, List and How-to headlines sometimes out perform other types.

Headline Score

Here is the interesting part of it.

After inputting your title, you actually get a score which base on criteria should determine how your title should perform.

Cochedule Headline Analyzer Word Balance
Cochedule Headline Analyzer Word Balance

Generally, headline score from 60% above are Ok though this doesn’t determine how well your post rnk,

but it can in a way determine how well your post performs against others in regards to CTR.

with all that in mind, lets go through 2 free headline analyzers and how to use them.

Top Best (Free) Headline Analyzer Tools

  1. Headline analyzer by Coschedule
  2. Sharethrough Headline Analyzer

Headline Analyzer by Coschedule

Cochedule Headline Analyzer
Cochedule Headline Analyzer

Coschedule is a marketing platform where you can arrange your social media plans in an efficient way.

it’s headline analyzers is one of the best free headline analyzers offering cool score and also ways to improve headline score.

It is free to use and here are the steps needed to use Coschedule headline analyzer.

  1. Visit its official page
  2. Type in your post title
  3. Click analyze now.

After a few seconds your result will appear.

The coschedule app comes with various sections which i am going to explain and teach you how to improve on each.

Word Balance

Cochedule Headline Analyzer Word Balance
Cochedule Headline Analyzer Word Balance

As early explained, the word balance are criterias that help improve Click Through Rate with a balance use of

  1. Power words e.g Best, Free etc
  2. Emotional words e.g How to, Cheap etc

You can easily capture the attention of a searcher. Hence Coschedule headline tool includes this section to help you select appropriate words.

Headline Type

Cochedule Headline Analyzer Headline Type
Cochedule Headline Analyzer Headline Type

The type of headline you are writing matters, There are generally 3 types which i know of

  1. How to
  2. List
  3. Generic

How to type of headlines are best for tutorials due to it’s emotional attachments e.g

How to buy a car for free

How to make your face up etc

While for list, we basically can see them as e.g

Top 5 ways to buy a car

5 types of houses to buy in 2019 etc.

Generic are not so SEO friendly because thy are not actually specific about what a user might be looking for.

Such titles are cool for news, music and gossip blogs.

Length Analysis

Cochedule Headline Analyzer Length Analysis
Cochedule Headline Analyzer Length Analysis

Truncated headlines are often useless why? They lose their full meaning.

Instead of writing super long headline titles, this section suggests the length to choose.

Usually character length is at about 55.

Fast And Last 3 Words

Cochedule Headline Analyzer First And Last
Cochedule Headline Analyzer First And Last

Humans are lazy with reading, hence it has been proven that an average human only looks atr the first 3 and last 3 words.

The Coschedule analyzer puts that in settings and displays to you your first and last three words.

Be wise to ensure your target keyword appears in any of the blanket. First 3 most preferable.

Keywords And Sentiments

Cochedule Headline Analyzer Keyword And Setiment
Cochedule Headline Analyzer Keyword And Setiment

Keywords are a very important section in any post. You must have a targetted keyword which should be searchable

While for sentiments, it presumes the generally feeling users would have about your content.

Most times adding the keyword “best, helping you, etc” makes the sentiment positive.

Other sections are the simulators both Search and email.

Sharethrough Headline Analyzer

Sharethrough Headline Analyzer
Sharethrough Headline Analyzer

Sharethrough is an Ads platform. It’s headline analyzer is a simple tool created not really for SEOs but for marketers/advertisers.

They try to find the right text that would fit into an ad spot using this tool. As a blogger, you can also make good use of this tool to bit the competiton against ads on search pages.

How to use Sharethrough headline analyzer

  1. Go to its official page
  2. Input your post title
  3. And hit find out.

Understanding Sharethrough headline analyzer sections and how to better improve the score.

Score and Suggestion

Sharethrough Headline Analyzer Score
Sharethrough Headline Analyzer Score

The very first part tells you how well your post title perform as an advert while the right side gives suggestions of how to improve the score.

All sections are self-explanatory but however do note, except its an advert, your post length should not be more than 55 characters.

Engagement And Impressoon Score

Sharethrough Headline Analyzer Engagement And Impression
Sharethrough Headline Analyzer Engagement And Impression

Adverts published need to engaging and so are headline titles hence this section helps you presume how engaging your title would be.

The higher the score, the better for CTR.

Rounding up

A well written content with a bad title would rank but won’t engage nor convert. Hence it is recommended you make good use of headline analyzers.

It’s your turn.

Whats your favourite headline analyzer?