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Blogging requires more than just talent; many of us have the ability to create quality articles on various niches but still, we don’t seem to get that engagement we want to get. How Sad? After 2 years of blogging, I didn’t even make a dollar from it. The only affiliate that granted me access was AlternativeAds and I could only make up to 5 dollars (threshold $10).
You might be wondering why I am saying all this. Well, I am saying this because no rich man made it in this life as just an effort of written and posting. When I read about Linda Ikeji she did mention that she would always go to Cyber Cafes whenever her subscription is out to buy time. No work in this life will pay you if you don’t invest. Even heaven is not an exception to that.
If you want the success then you need the capital (Money). But while spending we have to be cautious of things we purchase, subscribe to and access with our capital because when you spend too much and at the end you don’t make a penny from it, it becomes a great loss but when you spend with importance, with or without success you won’t be disappointed and might not see it as a loss.
This is why I love DomainKing. The first time I heard of the word, was a post on Ogbonge Blog where their affiliate program was wrongly accused of fraud but days later the blog admin Jide had to quickly correct the issues.
DomainKing .ng domains
I missed an opportunity last year to register a domain at a very cheap price of N499, but as this year’s offer came I had to quickly grab it. If you want to run a fully functional site with less capital, then DomainKing is the home to go to for quality domain name. I registered my own domain yesterday at domainking:
And with my domain being just a few hours old, it has started running and already showing on Google search engine. The whole process was simple and the setup didn’t take me up to 30 minutes.
I would have really loved to talk about the Support I got from Hotjak (DomainKing support team member) but I think I will just save it for another day.

Why Should I Purchase A Domain Name?

If you are thinking what I am thinking, then you should get your blog and self-ready for this great switch. I would want you to know a few importance of getting yourself a domain. 
1. Professional look
2. More Recognition
3. Improved SEO
4. Power (Authority) over your blog
5. Custom URL
6. 2 Free Personalised Email ([email protected])

How To Register A Domain For Less Than N1300 On DomainKing

You can get your domain registered in less than a few minutes on DomainKing. You can also get it on other services but if you wish to use something apart from DomianKing then I recommend you use BlueHost. I have seen bloggers talking about it and it seems good.

Step 1

search domain name

You will see a box as shown n the photo, simply input your preferred domain name. Mine is ‘obhiabalog’. Please do not add ‘www’ and .com or

Step 2 – Search Domain

Select your domain. This part you will select the domain you will attach to your domain name. I use a country specific domain which is (this offered for just N1299 on DomainKing) you can also use .com (N4000), .org (N5600), .xyz (N499), .ng (N9999). 
select domain
Note: This price range is as of the time of this post. Price can change at anytime so hurry up a
nd get yours!!
After selecting your preferred domain, simply clink on check available to know if the domain is available if available. Did you receive a congratulatory message? then ‘click on Continue’.

Step 3 – Domain Configuration (Free Email)

Email Forwarding & 2 Free Email Accounts (FREE!)
Now you have selected your domain and about to make payment. What’s next? Let’s configure the domain and get our free gifts attached to it. You remember above I said you will get 2 free personalized email?. This is where you get it. Look carefully for the two sentences below and make sure to tick them. 
  1. DNS Management to setup A, CNAME, MX, TXT Records (FREE!)
  2. Email Forwarding & 2 Free Email Accounts (FREE!) 
After ticking the options, next thing to do is to continue with the setup by clicking on ‘Continue To Final Payout Page’.

Step 4 – Make Payment

Now you can just follow the below photos to make payments. You can use any form of payment. I used my ATM card to make payment but in case you don’t know how to just read this post on ng44 for proper Guide.

purchase domain
comfirm domain payment

Final Step

Now you have paid for your domain and the domain is fully active. What should you do next? Simply set it up to your Google blog. When I did mine it took me just a couple of minutes because I had the support team at DomainKing do it for me which made the process really simple. In case you wish to setup your domain on Blogspot then follow the below steps.

Setup Up Custom Domain On Blogspot

On setting up your custom domain on Blogspot, all you need to do is send domainking support a message on it and in less than a minute they should respond to you and ask you for a few details.

Step 1

Now lets setup your new domain on Locate at the top ‘My Domains’ and Click on it.
my domains
You should see your new domain under the My Domains. Now look carefully you will see a little icon at the side of the link with your new domain (check below photo). Click on it to setup your domain.
domain setup

Step 2 -Management Tools

Scroll down on your new page and search for Management tools. Under management tools, you will see the below options (photo).
DKNG DNS & Free Email Panels (Beta): Click this option if you wish to set it up yourself
DKNG Quick Blogger Installer (Beta): Click this if you want DomainKing to set it up for you.


Step 3

If you have ticked option 1 then simply follow this tutorial (How To Link DomainKing Domain Name To Blogger/Blogspot Blog ) on Ogbonge Blog.
But if you chose option 2. Then simply follow their installation guide. In case you don’t understand the process. Just try to get more clues with the photos below.
.com domain on blogspot

setup custom domain on blogger

Words From Author

Blogging is a life we choose and if you have seen it worth living then we should live it well. Don’t expect to earn from blogging when you have not invested, I am not saying you can’t earn on free but still I advise you get a custom domain and enjoy straight hand recognition.

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