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Earlier today, I found it hard to add some of my friends as Editors to my Facebook page Blogging Prince. But I was able to figure it out after a lot of researches and page loading. So I would not want you to spend same time like I did. 
How To Add Admin, Editor, Advertiser To Your Facebook Page

To add Editor, Admin or Advertisers to your Facebook page, you must first figure out how and why you doing it but here I will just give you some reasons why I think you should add contributors to your Facebook page.

Reasons To Add Administrator, Editor And Advertiser To FB Page

  1. Makes your work easier: If you have good pals who are willing to help out with the management of your Facebook page, then you will have more time for blog posts.
  2. Saves Money: Some persons would pay auto updater to do the job. So adding friends reduces the cost.
  3. More Audience: With more hands, you are sure to gain more interactive readers.
And man other reasons which I believe you will figure out soon enough.
Step 1: Login to your Facebook account >> Head to your page.
Note: The below tutorial, is based on the Laptop/Desktop. It might be different for mobile phone users.
Step 2: Just at the top, Locate the Settings tab – close to Help. Clink on it.
How To Add Admin, Editor, Advertiser To Your Facebook Page
Step 3: Now scroll down and clink on the page roles option.
Step 4: Now you can type in the name of the person, and select the role. Whether as Administrator, Editor, Moderator or Advertiser.
Facebook page roles
Step 5: Post a comment below and share. Sharing is Caring!