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Not until you find yourself in this situation, choosing the best web hosting service or domain name provider for you seems easy but of a truth, it’s a different story entirely.

choosing a custom domain name for blogger

I have been asked time after time which domain provider should I use? and I would simply say Garanntor, Namecheap or DomainKing (before the palava) but just recently I wanted to purchase a  domain name for my blogger blog,

and to my surprise, I was finding it hard to choose a custom domain name provider for my blogger BlogSpot blog. Wow, it’s really difficult because nobody wants to host his blog,

with a site that will just close up at any point or with a web hosting service that will suddenly increase the price of the domain.

There are really a lot of things to worry about. Because to an extent, your blog speed depends on your host and DNS provider so be careful when making this decision.

After purchasing my domain name, I decided to compile a list of what to note down when purchasing a domain name here in Nigeria or in any other country in the world.

cheap domain names


The price of a product tells it’s worth so I always thought but it is not so in the internet realm. There are some cheap domain name providers which are actually better than the expensive ones. So the first thing that comes to mind is pricing!

You might have more than the money to purchase that domain name when though it is very expensive but ask yourself if you will be willing to pay this fee in the long run.

Using a fairly charged web hosting service that provides your required services and tools is what you need not some over rated domain service.


How well do you trust this host? Security is big characteristics of a custom domain name registrar you really don’t want to ignore. Imagine losing your 10 years work to some domain shot down?

how secured is my domain registrar

That can even kill somebody. Check out the history of that service, have they ever been an old action from that would affect my blog if it repeats itself?.

Ask yourself these questions and don’t just sit down there wondering, make some research, ask fellow bloggers in communities, facebook, twitter etc. Just try and know what you should know!.


Many people don’t consider this as important. In fact, in Nigeria, people prefer to use services from other countries like US, UK, India etc but not knowing they are actually missing it.

Adsense today is based in the US and I bet you only US citizens enjoy Adsense – quick approval and high PPC.

You as a blogger should always use products from your country because it reduces international barriers. If I had wanted to purchase a domain from NameCheap, I would need a dollar master card.

What if I was able to use a means to pay for the domain name, it would work fine, so what if terms change before renewal? I would get stock.

Using a domain host from your country makes the process very easy and guarantees more security. It might not provide the best services, but it is in your own layman terms and that is what your blog requires, a service that entirely fits into the environment.


At some point, you need to call or email someone for help! will that person be there? and if yes will he/she respond on time.

quick domain support

I never knew the power in support teams until I experienced a few problems in blogging. I used blogger for a year plus and I never needed any support team to fix issues

But since the day I bought a custom domain name for my blogger blog, I have been on the neck of support teams.

It was even a support team member from NativeAds that helped me get approved for their affiliate service.

Before purchasing a domain name from any registrar, just run a few test such as emailing their support team, mentioning them in tweets and also direct messages and see if they respond to your call.

DNS Setup

Not until you get stocked, you don’t need a helper. DNS is the most important function of a domain name provider and if your provider has a dashboard even the gods can not understand, my brother you need a new location.

Purchasing a domain name or web hosting from a platform that features an easy to use dashboard is what you need.

How do I know about the dashboard?

Ask fellow bloggers about their experience there. A friend who met me via blogging, called me to help him setup his DNS and when I got there, I could not even understand talkless of set it.

So be careful and wise when choosing a hosting service. Some can make you waste money anyhow!.

Are they on Promo?

We are often attracted to cheap things and once we see PROMO our head will just be doing somehow!. is this web service on promo at the point of purchasing this domain?

If YES, what is the actual price (recurring price) of this domain name? Imagine purchasing a domain at just N999 and the next year you pay N1700

when other services offer it at N1050 this year and the next year?.

Available Services

We have looked at the price, security and other important stuff now let just take a glance at the services and round up.

free domain services

Server Response Speed

A fast blog loading improves SEO. Making your blog fast loading requires using a domain service with fast server response time this will help improve SEO and user experience.

Free Email Forwarding

On a startup pack, you can not afford big email forwarding services such as Google Apps and luckily for you, some domain providers add this as an enhancement to your domain name. Getting an email such as [email protected]

Domain Privacy

I have never seen a service that offers this for free apart from Google Domains but to some extent, other services just run a promotion on it. If you don’t want your details to be exposed on the internet choose a host that offers this.

SSL Certificate

Am always looking for SEO and site quality. Getting an SSL certificate for your domain name is becoming more pronounced and you too should get one.

Rounding Up.

It’s been a long day and a long article and one would say it was helpful while others won’t see it the other way. But one thing to know when going to purchase a domain name is that your domain is the name of your blog and should be readily available.

be careful so you won’t fall into the hands of scammers and services that don’t offer what your blog requires.

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Web hosts and Domain name Providers are essential to blogging. If you are just considering getting a custom domain for your blogger blog, note the above tips

and always ask fellow bloggers the way things are done. I always do this via twitter and facebook. It has been profiting thus far.