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Feedburner is a free subscription service which many bloggers use for delivery mail updates to their readers. But at Some point, you might have good reasons to Delete, Transfer or Troubleshoot your FeedBurner Feed.

delete transfer troubleshoot feedburner feed

Using Feedburner is pretty easy, and the functions are quite limitless; automatically tweet to twitter, improve SEO with PingShots, Free mail collection widgets, free mail updates, podcast, etc.

Aside from Feedburner, there are a lot of free and premium email services which I believe you might want to switch or properly you only are having problems with your feed and wish to troubleshoot it.

How To Delete, Transfer And Troubleshoot FeedBurner Feed.

How To Delete FeedBurner Feeds In Blogspot and WordPress.

To delete your feed means to wipe out everything related to it. You can decide to create a new one after deleting or also have chosen to head for premium subscriptions services like Aweber, MailChimp, etc.

Go to >> Select your blog >> Locate “delete feed” at the top and Click.

How To Delete, Transfer And Troubleshoot FeedBurner Feed.

A sliding box will show up informing you of what removing your feed will do. You might want to tick “With permanent redirection” ( only if you don’t want to permanently delete this feed) before you delete.

Finally, Click “Delete Feed” and your feed will be deleted permanently.

Easily Transfer Your Feeds In FeedBurner.

You can easily move your feed to another person via email address. You might have sold your blog and wish to transfer the feed to the new site owner.

Sending Transfer Request

Go to >> Select your blog (feed) >> Locate “Transfer Feed” at the top and click on it.

A slide down box will show rendering information about what you are about doing. Read it and then type in the Email Address you wish to transfer the feed to, into the box with “Send request to email address:”

Click “Transfer Feed” and a request will be sent to the email address you wish to transfer that feed to.

Accepting Transfer Request

The last and final step is accepting the new feed request. Inform the person you have assigned the feed to, to open his/her mailbox. In his/her mailbox, a message with nonereply+feedburner will be shown. Open it and copy the link added, to your browser.

In the new browser, just click on “Accept Feed Transfer” and that’s all.

Having Issues? Troubleshoot (Fix) your Feed.

If you are having issues with your Feedburner account or feeds, it will be a wise decision to troubleshoot (fix) this problem. You can do this if your mail is no longer being updated, or issues with feed podcast, etc. and To do this, follow below steps.

Go to >> Select the feed you wish to troubleshoot >> Locate the “Troubleshootize” tab and click.

On this next page, you will find common problems related to Feedburner feeds and their solutions. All you need to do now is look for your Feedburner feed issue and follow their guide to troubleshooting.

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Feedburner is a very simple platform provided by Google. Many bloggers make good use of it while others think it has too many issues and problems. I hope this guide helps you delete, transfer and troubleshoot your Feedburner feed.