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How To Efficiently Blog As A Student.

Online business is a sure helping hand to a lot of young entrepreneurs including students in various institutes. I started blogging while in secondary and I can tell how difficult it is to blog as a student.

Blogging aside from being a major source of income, is fun and addictive. Once you start blogging, you often don’t want to do anything else this is why as a student blogger, you have to learn how to blog efficiently as a student.


Most important aspect of living is defining your goal!. What do you want to become in life and what do you wish to achieve in life. Is it a white collar job or you wish to become self-made ( an entrepreneur)?.

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But no matter which part you choose, you have to realize that education is very important. It might not be the reason why you make money daily and you might have seen a lot of graduates with no job!. Yes, things happen but still, education matters a lot.

As a blogger adding values to the life of people, you should also consider becoming educated in your own field. Various bloggers in the blogging industry have at least a BSC to show. Jide graduated as a Microbiologist, Linda Ikeji is also a graduate, and more bloggers so you definitely don’t want to trade your future for uncertainty.

Scale Of Preference

At this point of your life as a student blogger, it would be a wise decision to create a schedule based on a scale of preference. Important things get the highest attention. No more irrelevant chats and activities. It’s a tough decision to be a blogger while attending a school, therefore you need to scale out what is important.

Work With Time and Country Issues

Reading is a hell of a work for you to do therefore you need to set down your blogging life and educational life based on time and the country’s issues. Electricity is a major problem, you then need to work on a schedule on the best hours for getting access to electricity.

You have a long semester and a lot of books to read. Starting before the beginning of the semester will help reduce the workload. it will then be wise of you to set a specific time of the day for reading with or with no upcoming exams by doing this, you get a few steps ahead of others.

Be Wise and Self Considerate when picking a blogging niche

The most populated niche in the blogging world is “Entertainment” which subdivides itself into Music, Vlogging, Gossip blogs, News blog etc. Getting yourself into such a niche will require more of your daily hours since every one is sharing the same story, you definitely need to be among the first 5 in other to get required views.

Therefore it will be wise to avoid such blogging niche as a student blogger. A proper niche for a student blogger would be a lifestyle blog, web design tutorials etc where you can write once a week and still retain your followers.

Choose An Easy To Manage Blogging Platform.

A blogging platform has both a negative and positive effect on your blog. A student has less time to spend on his blog, therefore, choosing a cheap and easy to manage blogging platform will do you real good.

The two best platforms remain WordPress and Blogger and for a student blogger, I would recommend you start with free Blogspot, then later purchase a domain and you can switch to WordPress later after saving some money.

Write When You are supposed to.

Subsequent posting is crucial but keeping a specific time and date for posting will make it even better. Set a day or days in the week for posting and by doing this, it makes it easier to manage the audience you are building.

Start Using Social Scheduling Tools

I post at least 10 times daily on my twitter and facebook accounts. And most of the times, am not even online! Set up scheduled posts and share your post seamlessly to your social media accounts.

Buffer and SocialPilot are great at this. With the free plan, you can schedule up to 10 posts for each account (facebook, twitter, Instagram, google plus and LinkedIn). This will make your post sharing experience easy and bring more visitors.

Avoid Blogging Few Weeks To Exams

If you have defined your GOAL!, then you have to achieve it. If you wish to graduate with a 2.1 and above you definitely need to clear up your thoughts from blogging a few weeks to your exams.

read for exam

This will let you devote most of your time to your books during each exam period. I did read an article where Muhammed the owner of Mybloggertricks revealed that he always takes a 1month break whenever he has exams to write. Your readers will understand!.

Be Creative With Each Post

Since you have less time to spend blogging daily, you definitely need to be more creative with your write ups. You don’t expect a reader to wait a whole week for your next post and then you post a copied content!.

Nope… You have to let your articles be original and quality. And always come up with a great post idea.

Choose A Course Related To your Dream (blog)

If blogging is your dream work, then study a university course that is related to blogging. You could become a computer engineer, a web developer etc. As long as it’s a course that helps you grow your knowledge and takes you closer to your dream.-

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There are several ways to blog efficiently as a student but these tips add up to let you know, blogging is a life and education is a life builder. You are most likely to be successful in blogging if you have acquired the necessary certificates.