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It’s been all about page speed this week and I have posted a lot of articles on how you can increase the page loading speed of your blogger blog. How you can eliminate rendering blocking CSS and JavaScript above the fold content and also how you can minify your blogger photos. On this post, we will uncover how to optimize blogger images for high loading speed.

Optimize Blogger Images

If you are using automatic read more script on your blogger blog then this is definitely a must do in other to prevent images from slowing dow your blog. By Default blogger crops all images immediately you upload them This is where the problem started from!!.

You might have minified the size of your image to kilobytes but still, your blog will show Consider fixing: Optimize images. Now, this does not have anything to do with your image size or file size rather it has to do with BlogSpot cropping all your images to larger sizes thereby killing the page speed of your blog.

Prevent Blogspot From Cropping You Images

In order to Optimize your images, all you simply need to do is to prevent Blogspot from cropping your images. I observed this when I was working on improving my site page load speed. This doesn’t require any JavaScript, CSS or Jquery. All you need to do is edit your images after uploading them.

How To Optimize Blogger Images To Increase PageSpeed

Just like I said above all you need to do, is prevent blogger from cropping your photos once that is done, your images will be fast loading. Follow the guide to prevent blogger from cropping your images.

Step 1

Go to >> Posts >> New post >> Upload an image.

Step 2

After uploading your image, Click on the image and change the size to “Original size”.

Step 3

Switch to “HTML” tab and locate the URL of your image. In the URL of your image, you will see “/s1600/ 0r /s800/” depending on your image size.

stop blogger from cropping images

What that “s” simply mean is size. Which means if your image was minimized to 400px by you, Blogger will automatically increase the size to 1600px which will cause your blog to having page speed issues.

Step 4.

Simply delete from the first stroke to where the number ends eg. delete only /1600 and your image URL will be like the one below.

Note: You will find this /1600 twice for every image so make sure you remove it twice. Do this for all the images in that post.

With this procedure, you can easily stop blogger from cropping your images and improve pagespeed massively.

Should in case you saw (/w800 or /h800 ) or any other value. Simply remove this lines as shown to stop BlogSpot from cropping your photos to a specific width, height or size.

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