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Hello buddy, need some free social media scheduling tools to automatically post to multiple social networks free?

Introducing Buffer Social Media Scheduler, a social media management software that helps posts to any social profile including twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram for free.

What is Buffer Social Media Scheduler?

For effective use of social networks in regards to building followership and increasing traffic, a blogger/marketer has got to consider scheduling posts.

Why you would want to do it, simple.

You can’t spend the whole day posting/sharing to these networks. Hence, using a social media scheduler such as Buffer becomes important.

In short, words, Buffer social media software is one of the best social media management tools which offers a free social media management dashboard where you can schedule posts for all these social networks all at once.

The Future of Social Media management Software

One has got to accept the fact that these free social media scheduling tools are life savers hence you can bet on them having a bright future.

And here is why!

After from growing the traffic of a website, Social Media networks such as twitter and facebook are search engine signal boosters and this reflects on Alexa and SEOCentro.

Other SEO tools, also had to accept this fact.

So is there a future for social media management software? Yes (definitely).

More of such tools are coming out daily and i must admit buffer social media tool is my favourite and i use it alot.

So lets go ahead and start making use of it.

Features & Pricing of Buffer

Here are the readily available features on buffer

  1. Automatic scheduling to Facebook, twitter, linkedin and instagram
  2. Post engagment analytics (clicks, reach, comments, shares etc)
  3. Browser extension and mobile apps
  4. Add multiple team members and set access levels

On pricing, Buffer social media tool is free to use but however not all features are accessiable on the free version.

Below is an image with the prices for all plans

Buffer Pricing
Buffer Pricing

P.S: If you are going to get any of the above plans, its really a good value for your money.

How to Sign up for Buffer

Hopefully, you understand what buffer is and how important it is for your business, hence for these laid out steps to get started with buffer.

Step #1: Visit Buffer offer home page >> Click “Get started now”

Buffer Get Started
Buffer Get Started

Step #2: On the pricing page, Choose any of the plans you want.

Buffer Pricing
Buffer Pricing

Buffer offer free plan with 3 social networks (facebook, twitter and linkedin), 10 scheduled posts, 1 user. this you can locate at the bottom of the page.

Step #3: Fill in your email address and create a password at the sign up page.

Buffer Signup
Buffer Signup

Keep these details because you would need them for daily log in.

Give it a few minutes and your account will be created.

Step By Step Guide to Connect Buffer To Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

After successfully creating a buffer account, next few steps are almost automatic but then its get it guided in order not to make mistakes.

Buffer Connections
Buffer Connections

Hopefully, you where redirected to the above page. If not, visit this link.

Step #1: Click “Connect your social accounts”

Note: You can only connect three accounts on a free plan i.e you can connect only one facebook page or page, one twitter account, one linkedin account, or instagram account.

Total connected networks must not be more than 3. So you have to choose wisely.

I will be connecting, a facebook page, a twitter account and a linkedin account.

Step #2: Connecting buffer to facebook page

Among the options, click “Facebook page”, you would be redirected to facebook.

Buffer Social Media Scheduler Dashboard
Buffer Social Media Scheduler Dashboard

Select the page you wish to connect (you can also connect your own profile).

On the buffer page, Once again, select the page and it will be connected in a few minutes

Step #3: Connecting Buffer to Twitter

On your new dashboard, look down to the left, you would see connect twitter.

Click it and you would be redirected to twitter. Follow the process and your twitter account will be connected.

Step #3: Connecting LinkedIn

On your dashboard, click manage social accounts. In the new page click “Add a new social account”.

You would be derected to a list of profile connects., click “LinkedIn profile/page” and follow the process.

It will get connected instantly.

Hope the process was clearly explained?

How to set Buffer Posting time and Interval.

Buffer being a social media scheduler, has some sections where you can set posting times and intervals.

Various social media networks have different engagement period but most of them like twitter and facebook tend to be towards i the evenings from 3pm – 9pm.

It vary depending on your niche.

To set the posting time and intervals, Visit dashboard >> Settings >> Posting schedule.

Buffer Posting Time
Buffer Posting Time

You can make all your changes and adjustment to suit your need.

How To Schedule Posts With Buffer.

To the very important section, follow these simple steps to add posts to your queue

Buffer Schedule Post
Buffer Schedule Post
  1. Go to Dashboard >> Queue >> and click “what would you like to share” >> type your content into the pop-up box.
  2. Include a link and hashtags.
  3. At the top, select the social and click “Customize for each network” to continue.
  4. Click add to queue and your post will be scheduled for posting.

Rounding Up

buffer social media scheduler is not just a social media software but instead it is one of the best social media management tools.

Its free social media scheduling tools which allows a business post to multiple social networks is indeed powerful.

I use it and you can get its alternatives tool but i think buffer social media scheduler is good enough for the job.


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