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Selling your own digital products online such as blogger templates, WordPress themes, Ebooks, Audio and Video files is quite a difficult task without you making use of Fiverr, Paypal, SendOwl and some other merchant sites that will bill you every month. Sale or No Sale. You will pay!.

How To Sell Digital Products (Ebooks, Themes, Audio,) Online Without Fiverr

Earlier this year, I started designing my own premium blogger templates and I wanted to sell them at an affordable rate but I could not due to merchant payments. I even tried ThemeForest ( and I had to run for my life).

Paypal didn’t allow me to sell with buy now buttons unless I moved to business or Pro account which required me paying a monthly fee and that doesn’t reduce the percentage Paypal will get from each sale I make.

I decided to give Fiverr a try because I heard a lot of persons writing about how they are selling their gigs and making cool money. My first few months (till now) earned me nothing. Probably because am not a Fiverr Expertise (just saying!!). I heard a lot of persons saying you have to spend time on Fiverr before you can really earn money from it.

Then I wondered why I would have to learn to have a merchant site provide me sell buttons. I only need buttons to sell my digital products, a merchant site to keep the earnings and send me my own money after deducting their own percentage per sale. Not some website I would be spending hours advertising and other stuff.

Still, on a chase to selling my own products online, I researched and found out that WordPress has an easy to use a plugin that lets you sell all your products online but on second thought, I am on Blogspot and not WordPress – WordPress E-commerce plugin don’t work in blogger!!.

At this point, I became confused and quite disappointed. So I continued blogging and decided to sell my products directly to customers. I received numerous emails and phone calls daily from people wanting to purchase a template especially Obhiaba Simple, Ogbonge Template and Linda Ikeji Template. Am a student and doing all that at once is not easy.

I ran into another eCommerce site called SendOwl that lets you do nearly everything you want as a product seller. You can even manage an Affiliate account for your products and that will definitely drive more sales. But I could not make use of SendOwl because it required me paying a monthly fee.

Finally, I Found A Way To Sell My Digital Products Online.

I finally found a merchant site called Sellfy that provided me exactly what I needed from a merchant website and the best part of it was that I didn’t need to pay any monthly fee. Sellfy would simply take a percentage (very small) from every product I sell.

sellfy online eCommerce store

If I don’t make any sales I won’t pay Sellfy and if I make sales, they would simply take their percentage and send me my money.

What is SellFy?

Sellfy is an online merchant website that acts as a middleman between you and your customers. It’s a store where you can upload your digital products including templates, Ebooks, Audio files etc. You can sell anywhere with Sellfy. You don’t need to own a blog to sell.

Sellfy online store lets you share your products to various social media networks and sells directly on your store. You don’t need a website or blog before you can start selling with Sellfy and also you can edit your uploaded products at any time.

Features Of Sellfy

Sellfy offers you general and specific eCommerce features especially those features that can help small business grows. I just think Sellfy is for small entrepreneurs and bloggers.

1. Easily Offer Discounts On Products

Sellfy helps you integrate well with your customers. At some point, you might want to offer a discount using promo codes, social shares on certain products. Such a task can easily be performed using Sellfy. Am currently working on creating a discount for Opad Blogger Template.

sellfy product discount

2. No Monthly/Yearly Billing

This is what made me sign up for Sellfy. I just don’t want to spend dollars monthly on store plans even when I might not sell a product that month. I would be losing too much. Sellfy doesn’t charge you monthly rather they charge you on a percentage per product sold and also you can switch to a premium plan and start paying monthly that is if you have larger services to offer.

3. Make Money With Affiliate Program

You can also make additional income monthly from Sellfy Affiliate Program which pays you a certain percentage monthly depending on the people you referred. It’s just an extra tip (money) for your pocket so don’t expect to make much money from it.

4. Sell From Your Website.

You can easily embed your store on your blogger or WordPress blog. You can style it and sell directly from your website. You can also increase sales by adding each product widget to your blog sidebar and customers can simply purchase it directly from your website. Buy buttons are also available.

sell products online

5. Quick Payment Option

You can receive your money via your PayPal at any time as long as you have sold a few products.

Limitation Of Sellfy.

Sadly, Sellfy is not a cure to all your online selling problems. If you are on a free plan, buyers can only purchase your products with their PayPal account.

How To Sell Your Products Online Using Sellfy

Create Sellfy Account

To sell your products online using Sellfy, simply create an account.  Verify your details and add your PayPal email address for receiving payments.

Upload Your Products.

Sellfy provides an easy to use dashboard which you can use to upload your product. Add an image to your product, upload digital product file, product title, and description to tell your customers what your digital product is about.

Share And Embed Your Digital Product.

You can start selling by adding buy buttons, product widget and store widget to your website or blog. Also, you can share your products straight to your email contacts, Facebook friends, and twitter followers using Sellfy links.

Top Sellfy Competitors For Selling Digital Products Online.

  1. SendOwl
  2. Paypal
  3. ThemeForest
  4. Selz
  5. Facebook.
  6. Fiverr 
  7. Shopify

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If you have any store site you are using and is working well for you and would recommend, please share with us so we can compare and know which is better. But for now, I choose Sellfy as an easy way to Sell Digital Products (Ebooks, Themes, Audio,) Online.