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Creating a short URL using google URL shortener is fast, easy and free. You can shorten your long URLs from your WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr blog. Google URL shortener also provides you an overview (statistics) of your link clicks and views making it one of the best URL shorteners.

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Why Shorten Long URLs?

Short URLs are portable and more convenient to use. For a twitter/social media entrepreneur who tweets daily, it would be wise to create short URL so as to save more space for your words.

How To Shorten Long URL With Google URL Shortener

Short URLs also get rid of the and added to free blog URLs. Thereby making every link from your blog professional and clickable. Short URL are the best links for social media sharing.

Google URL Shortener

Among the numerous and amazing tools provided free to the public by Google, Google URL shortener is one of the best. A free and helpful online tool to create short URLs. Google URL Shortener becomes handy when you are a social media entrepreneur and blogger.

Google URL Shortener

You can easily share your links round the web without having to copy long or bulky links all the time. Short URL are ideal and Google URL shortener is one of the best free available online tools.

How To Create Short URL Using Google URL Shortener.

Step 1

Create a free Google Account or Gmail account but if you already have one, just skip to step 2.

Step 2.

Visit Google URL Shortener website at  

Step 3.

Paste any long URL you wish to shorten, verify that you are not a robot and click on create.

Step 4.

Copy your shortened URL and start sharing.(don’t spam).

Step 5.

Once again visit to see the insight of your short URL clicks.

Bitly – Top Google URL Shortener Alternative.

Google URL is a great free online tool to create short URLs but should in case you wish to create free customizable short URLs with real-time insights then you should try out Bitly URL Shortener.

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Google URL Shortener is a free online tool provided by Google which you can use to create free short URLs for your long links. The above steps show you perfectly what to do to create your first short URL using google URL shortener.