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WordPress is the best platform to blog, No doubt. But it’s expensive for beginners.
Imagine hosting a WordPress blog with 15thousand naira when your account barely reads 10,000naira.
garanntor wordpress hosting
Introducing Garrantor, Cheapest WordPress hosting company for Nigerians. With as little as 5000naira, you can start a WordPress blog with domain name inclusive!!.

Garanntor Webhosting Company.

Garanntor is a Nigeria based local web hosting company which offers various services including;

  1. WordPress Hosting
  2. Domain Sales
  3. VPS Hosting
  4. Reseller Hosting

This review of Garanntor solely talks about my view of Garanntor personally. I have used Garanntor & still using it.
It’s biggest selling point as a Web Hosting Company in Nigeria is cheap pricing for all plans, and on top of that, Garanntor Nigeria offers free SSL (HTTPS) certificate to all web hosting plans.
However one of Garrantor’s biggest set back is “Server Response Time”. This affects the pagespeed of your blog,
but when you optimize your WordPress site with the right Caching plugin & speed optimizer you will hardly feel the effect.

How To Start A WordPress Blog On Garanntor In 2019

Here are the below steps needed and it will cost a minimum of 5000naira depending on your choice.

1. Choose Hosting Plan

Garanntor Web hosting company in Nigeria provides some of the cheapest web hosting packages in Nigeria. Visit Garannor Hosting Plans
garanntor hosting pricing
For starters, you can purchase the “LH-Nano” plan for N120/month (i.e N1500/year). I recommend you purchase the “LH-Micro” which cost N300/month (i.e N3600/year).

2. Add/Purchase Domain

If you are complete started, with no domain name, Then garanntor offers you cheap domain names starting from N999.00.
However, I recommend you get a .com domain name which is sold at N3,499.00 by Garanntor.
If you have no idea of what a domain name is, do read this post on how to come up with a unique domain name.
Once you have the name you wish to use, Type it in and select .com if that’s your choice.
purchase domain name
But, if you already own a domain name, switch to “Use Existing” or “Transfer” if you wish to move your domain to Garanntor.
In total, LH-Nano plans (N1500/year) + .com domain name (N3,499/year) = N4,999 for everything approximately 5000naira.

3. Choose Garanntor Billing Circle.

Garanntor web hosting company in Nigeria, lets you decide your billing circle, which could be Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually or Biennially.
garanntor billing circle
The advantage of the billing circle is that it gives you the freedom to use any hosting plan.
You could choose a big plan and pay for the first quarter if that’s the only amount you have in your bank.
Garanntor would redirect you to the above page if you added a new domain name.
From my perspective, the options do not matter and you don’t need to purchase them. Therefore, make sure they are not selected in other not to accumulate more charges.

4. Choose your payment method

For Nigerians, use ” DEBIT CARD/CREDIT CARD/BANK/MOBILE MONEY/USSD”. In that way, you get to pay with your ATM card.
After payment, visit your mailbox to view your hosting account details. Which we will be using in the next steps.

How To Set Domain “DNS” To Garanntor Hosting

In order to propagate, your domain name (URL) I am going to show you how to set up your domain DNS to garanntor hosting.
Note: If you are using a domain purchased from Garanntor, this process is done automatically. Therefore skip to next step.
Visit your email box. You would meet an email from Garanntor. In it, you have your Cpanel details and DNS settings.
You need to visit your Domain registrar dashboard. Locate “DNS” >> Set DNS and replace the default DNS with the two provided by Garanntor.
The DNS settings defer according to Domain registrar, Hence I can’t give a detailed step by step guide on it. However, you could search for it online.
After propagation, continue with the next step…

How To Activate Free Lets Encrypt SSL For WordPress On Garanntor.

Garanntor WordPress hosting comes with a free “SSL certificate”. In other to install it on your domain name, follow the steps below.
Go to your mailbox >> Search for a mail from Garanntor, In it, you have your Cpanel login details.
Open the long link e.g and type in your password.
install lets encrypt on wordpress hosting
Screw down to “Security” and Click “Lets Encrypt SSL”.
issue ssl certificate on domain name
Locate your domain name and click “Issue”.
https installation on domainnname
Leave all the settings on default and click “Issue”.
That’s all a free SSL certificate will be issued for your domain name.

How To Host (Install) WordPress On Garanntor

In the next few steps, I am going to direct you on how to host your WordPress blog on garanntor.
This installation process is done automatically, using “Softaculous”.
softaculous wordpress installer
On your Cpanel, Screw down to “SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER” and locate & click “WordPress”.
install wordpress on garanntor
On the next page, Click install.

WordPress Installation Settings

  • Choose your preferred version
  • Choose https://
  • Type in your domain name
  • Leave direction empty
  • Type in your blog name
  • Type in your blog description
  • Don’t enable multisite
  • Type your admin username & password
  • choose your admin email address
  • Under Advanced >> Automated Backup >> Select One a day.
  • Backup rotation select 2.
  • Choose a theme & Install

It will load, and WordPress will be installed automatically. If your domain name has propagated already, you can now easily access your website.

How To Set Up Your WordPress Site.

The very first basic settings which your site will require will be explained below.
To access WordPress admin dashboard use

How to Set Permalink

wordpress permalinks
Go to “Settings” >> “Permalink” >> Select “Post name”. and screw down to save changes.

How To Fully Install HTTPS

Go to “Plugins” >> “Add New” and search for “Really Simple SSL”. Once found, Install and Activate.
ssl settings
Go to Settings >> SSL >> Settings. Change the settings to image above and save.

Other Important Plugins for your WordPress Blog are

  1. W3 Total Cache
  2. PageSpeed Ninja
  3. Yoast SEO
  4. WordPress AMP.


Share your experience with me.
Do you already own a website or you just followed my instructions to creation.
Whichever, leave a comment for me below.
That’s the end of “How To Start A WordPress Blog With 5000naira On Garanntor”