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In this post, I am going to show you how to use paystack Gateway, which is a simple and effective way to make and receive payments online.
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Over the years, the major problem faced by Nigerian businesses online is receiving payment for services and products…
At some point, many had to use PayPal despite the restrictions placed on Nigerians, but then what to do?
Receiving payments is really hard!! Well good news, Nigerian webmasters have revolutionized and become super creative and innovative.
Now Nigerians can receive payments for products and services right on their website.
Introducing PayStack – a fast-growing Nigerian based online gateway.

What is Paystack?

Paystack is a Nigerian Online gateway Platform founded by Shola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi to help Nigerians receive payment for services and products online.
Ever since its invention in 2014, Paystack, have taken bold steps and have turned out to be one of the very best platforms for businesses.
Paystack was featured as the TechPoint startup of the Month and have also been featured on Forbes to have attracted an estimated amount of $1.3m investment from local and foreign investors.

Paystack customers

Paystack is currently powering various online platforms in Nigeria and has been seen to have a good reputation and customer services.
Currently, it powers

  1. iRoko
  2. PayPorte
  3. Buy Power
  6. Blogging Prince shop.

These are just a few of the popular businesses in Nigeria making use of Paystack gateway system.

how much does paystack charge

You are probably wondering how much paystack charge for startup and for transactions.
Well, paystack, don’t charge you for startup. Which means you enjoy a 100% free account creation fee
But it charges you 100 naira + 1.9 % or 3.9 % for local or international transactions respectively.
how much does paystack charge
But do note that, Paystack removes the initial 100 naira charge for transactions below 2500 naira.

how does paystack work?

Paystack payment system works for both local and international transactions which means your users can pay you in dollars or any other currency.
And the amount paid will be converted to Naira based on your bank’s conversion rate (which means PayStack work hand in hand with your band). Read more about it here
Paystack also receives Naira directly from your customers and works seamlessly depending on your settings.

Requirements to use Paystack

Before now, Most Nigerian based payment gateways required you to have a registered business before you can start receiving money online
But with paystack, no need for company registration, and all requirements to use paystack are simple and easy to get.

  1. A bank account with registered BVN
  2. A valid ID card (voters card, driver’s license etc)
  3. Email address.

Paystack Integration

Paystack integrates well with most platforms. Generally, It provides two payment integrations which are

  1. Inline
  2. Standard.

Inline integration

Paystack inline integration is a seamless way to accept payments right on your website, app or platform.
In that way, users won’t be redirected to any other page to make payment.
paystack integration
The paystack payment options simply come up as a pop-up and customers get to pay right on your website.

Standard integration

The standard integration is a simple way of processing payments but this time, payments are not being made on your website, app or platform.
Customers are redirected to the paystack website to make payments, this is recommended if your site doesn’t have HTTPS enabled.
Who should use paystack?
Paystack is very user-friendly and doesn’t cost anything for setup making it ideal for small businesses.
Currently, paystack is powering different businesses from various sectors

  1. Bloggers
  2. E-commerce owners
  3. Web hosting & domain sellers
  4. SME etc.

Final Verdict
I use paystack and I must say their services are quite good especially the startup and payment processing.
One of my fears of starting to receive payments online was having to register my blog as a company which currently, I don’t have funds to process.
But then paystack helped me startup without having to do registration.
With simple details including Account Number, business name etc, you are on your way to receiving payments online.
Is paystack safe and secure? – yes for both your customers and yourself.

How to use Paystack Payment Gateway

  1. Create an account
  2. Activate Your Business
  3. Connect to your website.
  4. Start receiving money
  5. Send to a bank account.

Create Paystack Account

Visit official paystack website sign up page
create paystack account
2. Fill the Form as shown.
create paystack account personal details
3. Fill in your personal details in.
paystack starter business
4. If your business not registered, select “Starter Business”. >> Continue.
That’s all. Next is to activate your business.

How to Activate Business in PayStack

activate paystack business

  • Go to “Get Started” >> “Activate Your Business”.

paystack id card bvn

  • In “Profile Verification” Upload an Id and your Bank’s BVN number

paystack bank account information

  • Also, in “Bank Account Information” input your bank details
  • Fill the remaining forms which include “Business Information” while truecaller is optional.
  • Now, send your business activation request.

That’s all for activating your business in Paystack.
It will take Paystack a few hours or even days to verify your account because activation is done manually by humans.
This is so to comply with compliance. So do have a little patience and wait for your confirmation email right in your email box.
That’s all.
Other settings you can carry out on PayStack, is to integrate it into your website using plugins.

How to sell on blogger blogspot using Paystack

Learn how to easily sell e-books, stuff, templates etc on your blogger blogspot blog with Paystack in Nigeria I.e without PayPal.
Selling on Google blogger blog can be a really difficult thing to do since the blogging platform does not provide blogger eCommerce plugin such as Woocommerce for WordPress to add a shop to blogger.
A good solution was to sell on blogger with PayPal which seems to be an impossible task for Nigerian bloggers dues to PayPal’s limitations.
Well, good news, Nigerian bloggers on the blogspot platform, can now easily sell on their blog using Paystack payment gateway. All you have to do is connect paystack to your blogger blogspot blog and you can start selling.

How to sell on blogger blogspot blog using paystack.

To sell your ebooks, stuff or themes on blogger blogspot blog using paystack, you need to first

Step 1 – Upload your product online

Secondly, you need to upload your product online. You can do this in various ways.

  1. You can upload it directly to your blog post editor
  2. Upload it to google sites.

But no matter which you do, copy the link and keep it in a notepad. We will make use of it in the next step.

Step 2 – Create a Product on paystack

For every product you wish to sell, paystack lets you create it right in your dashboard and provides a landing page for your customers to pay.
Paystack’s landing page is secured with HTTPS making it safe for your customers, you don’t have to worry about online hacking.
Let’s create a simple product.
Here is how we going to get it done… We are going to be making use of Paystack payment pages, so for every product, you wish to sell on your blogger blog, you will have to create a payment page on paystack.

See how to create a payment page on paystack

  • Visit Paystack dashboard and locate “Payment Pages” under Seller tools.
  • Create new page >> select One-time payment.
  • The page name should be the name of your product e.g Buy Goodness Theme, While description should be about the product.
  • Upload an Image of the product and tick “I want a fixed payment amount on this page”
  • Input the price of the product and that’s all.

But there are more settings you can do, such as

  • choose your own custom URL
  • redirect users to the item download page after purchase
  • send a success message after purchase
  • and also receive emails after a user purchases an item.

To do the above functions above, Simply click the “show advanced options”.
paystack payment page settings
Fill in your details.
In the redirect users link, paste the URL you copied into a notepad just as shown below.
create paystack payment page
and finally, hit “create”.
Now you can visit the Custom URL to see how your payment page looks, here is the sample I created below.
paystack payment page demo

Step 3 – Selling Ebooks, Stuff on Blogger Blogspot

The last part is to connect paystack to your blogger blog either using a link, Buy now or a download button.
Depending on which you choose, remember that you will have to use the Custom URL you created in Paystack, this will help direct your visitors to the payment landing page.
Here is a simple Buy now button for blogger blogspot

Buy Now button for blogger CSS

  1. Go to >> Theme >> Edit HTML
  2. Search for </head>
  3. Copy the code below, and paste it just above </head>
  4. Save.
.bp-buynow {clear:both;width:100%;text-align:center;overflow:hidden;margin:20px;padding:5px;}
.bp-buynow li {list-style:none;}
.bp-buynow li a {display:block;padding:15px;text-transform:uppercase;color:#fff;background:#2d7eb5;box-shadow:0 3px 12px -1px rgba(7,10,25,.2), 0 22px 27px -20px rgba(7,10,25,.2);}

How to add Buy Now button to blogger post

Whenever you wish to add buy now button to a post on blogger, all you have got to do is switch to HTML tab and paste the code below into any part you wish to display the Buy now button.

<div class="bp-buynow">
<li><a href="">BUY NOW URL</a></li>

Replace “BUY NOW URL” with the custom URL from paystack.
Rounding Up…
Paystack is a very good online gateway for Nigerians and with it, bloggers can get paid online.
Though the entire process of using paystack is much more easy for WordPress bloggers due to plugins
Blogspot bloggers can still make good use of the process although the process is lengthy, but its worth it.
In this way, you no longer need PayPal to sell on your blogger blogspot blog.
Hope this tutorial was useful – think so?
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that’s all on how to use paystack payment gateway on blogger blogs in Nigeria