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Using blackberry is getting more frustrating as the day run by. I don’t know if the owners have abandoned their company or anything related but today I will be unveiling to you an easy way to use WhatsApp conveniently on your blackberry device.
whatsapp on blackberry
Earlier today I had a problem with sending and receiving WhatsApp messages via my Blackberry 10 device. But as the time went on I had to search for a solution to the problem and the solution is very easy to implement and has thus worked well for me and I hope it helps you too.
For you to be able to make this work on your blackberry device, you need to make sure that you have an upgraded version of Blackberry 10 that can use Android apps. Because if you can not use Android apps on your device then you can not use this new Whatsapp for blackberry.

How To Use Whatsapp on Blackberry

Follow the easy procedures bellow to safely use WhatsApp on your blackberry 10 device. You can also use this same procedure to use any Android app from games, photo editors, etc on your blackberry 10 device.

Step 1.

Go to “Settings” on your blackberry smartphone and locate “App Manager”, click on it then you should see “Installing Apps”, Click on it and activate the “Allow Apps From Other Sources to be installed” and also activate the “Inspect Apps Before Installing”.

Step 2

Download Whatsapp for Android from this link. or any other safe link.

Step 3

Wait till it finishes downloading. After downloading, click on it and follow the installation procedures.

Step 4

After installing the Whatsapp on your black. Click on Open then after following the easy procedures to setup on your WhatsApp. Accept the agreements >> input your phone number >> enter the activation key which will be sent to your phone for verification >> type in your profile name. And start enjoying the new WhatsApp on your phone.
This is the simple way you can continue using WhatsApp on your blackberry conveniently. It works well and fast. You can also install any other Android application with this same simple procedure.
You can use Facebook Lite, Android games, Photo Editors and any other Android application on your blackberry.