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Today’s post is special, because i am going to show you exactly how to buy cheap 25GB SSD Storage and Unlimited Bandwidth wordpress Hub8 Web hosting plan in Nigeria for as low as ₦4000.

A few years ago, while using one of the major reason why i didn’t opt in for WordPress was hosting price.

Back then hosting was really expensive up to 20,000 naira, actually for my first hosting plan, i got it at a bonus rate of 7000naira on Namecheap with a renewal of over 34000naira.

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Well, thanks to Hub8 Web Hosting, Nigerians can bid goodbye to expensive WordPress hosts.

Now all bloggers can cheaply migrate from blogger to wordpress without super high charges.

What is Hub8 Web Hosting?

Just like every other web hosting, Hub8 is company which provide online storage facilities for website owners to store their files.

Hub8 web hosting is currently operating in 5 foreign coúntries, and has been in the market for over 10years. Hence, One can say indeed they can produce quality web hosting.

All Hub8 Web Hosting Plans & Prices

Here are all the web hosting plans available on Hub8 and their prices.

Free hostingFree100GB500MBBuy Now
WordPress Basic₦4,900/yrUnlimited5GBBuy Now
WordPress Start₦6,900/yrUnlimited7GBBuy Now
WordPress Pro₦9,900Unlimited10GBBuy Now
Smart Start₦2,500Unlimited7GBBuy Now
Mega Space₦4,000/yrUnlimited25GBBuy Now
Deluxe₦4,000/yrUnlimited12GBBuy Now
Ultimate₦4,000/yrUnlimited17GBBuy Now

Pros And Cons of Hub8 Hosting

One reason why Hub8 hosting is super cool is it’s high-speed SSD storage, its server loads pretty fast.

The second reason is that Hub8 hosting plans are really cheap with huge features, all plans have unlimited bandwidth, email, etc.

Thirdly, All hub8 hosting plans provide super huge hosting storage and you can also get a free hosting package at a 0naira charge

But one disadvantage of Hub8 hosting which I hate is their poor customer service, they really need to improve on this.

Hub8 Free Web Hosting

Not every business has initial capital for big start-up hence, Hub8 has provided a free web hosting solution for Nigerians.

Its free plan comes with the ability to host a Single Website on a 500Mb Disk Space and a 100GB Bandwidth.

Other features include OS: CentOS 6, PHP, Perl, Python, MySQL Databases, Intel Xeon Servers, SSD & Hardware RAID, Clustered Nameservers, 99.9%, Uptime Guarantee, DDoS Protection, 24×7 Support

Get Hub8 Free Webhosting Now

Note: If you really want to blog, I suggest you get one of the below-hosting plans. Free hosting won’t get you anywhere.

Hub8 WordPress Hosting Plans Overview

Hub8 has special hosting plans created for WordPress users, these plans come in handing with automatic WordPress installation and 55+ free WordPress themes to get started,

Alongside that, I also include a free domain for the first year. Hence making starting a WordPress blog super easy and cheap.

Here are the features available in all Hub8 WordPress Hosting plans

  • 55 Premium
  • WordPress Templates
  • High-speed SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Free domain with an annual plan
Hub8 WordPress Hosting Features
Hub8 WordPress Hosting Features

and here are more features

Hub8 WordPress Hosting
Hub8 WordPress Hosting

Hub8 WordPress Hosting Plans and Pricing

Hub8 WordPress Hosting Plans And Prices
Hub8 WordPress Hosting Plans And Prices

WordPress Basic

Though the smallest plan available for WordPress on Hub8, it still stands to be better than the majority of the web hosting packages offered by Hub8 alternative.

With a High-speed SSD storage (test & verified), Unlimited Bandwidth (traffic), Unlimited Emails and a free domain,

WordPress Basic is definitely the choice of any new blogger/business person with no coding knowledge.

It comes with a 5GB file storage which is quite OK for a small blog/website. And it is priced at ₦490/month

Buy WordPress Basic Now at ₦4,900/yr (20% discount)

WordPress Starter

The WordPress starter comes in with all the features of the WordPress Basic, the only difference is the file storage.

Which is a 7GB High-speed SSD file storage capacity? However, WordPress Starter is recommended for medium blogs using numerous plugins, images, etc. It is solid at ₦690/month.

Buy WordPress Basic Now at ₦6,900/yr (20% discount)

WordPress Pro

Biggest of all the WordPress hosting plans with a generous 10GB high-speed SSD storage.

Emails unlimited, bandwidth unlimited and also a free domain all for ₦990/month.

Buy WordPress Basic Now at ₦9,900/yr (20% discount)

Note, if you use the above links to purchase the hosting packages, you get it for 20% less the price.

Hub8 Shared Web Hosting Plans

Not everyone is a newbie in web hosting, hence not everyone needs a site with WordPress already installed.

Hence, Hub8 Web hosting company also provides customers with shared hosting plans which require manual installation of WordPress

And should in case you wish to use a different Script, this Hub8 shared hosting packages will get it all done for you.

Hub8 Shared Web Hosting Plans & Prices

Hub8 Shared Hosting
Hub8 Shared Hosting

Smart Start

This is the cheapest and smallest of all the plans sold at ₦250/month. Its basic feature is that it allows storage of only 1 website on a 7GB SSD storage.

Other features include Unlimited bandwidth, Databases, Subdomains, Emails, SSL, the 1-Click installer (Softaculous), a free domain name with an annual plan, FTP accounts, PHP version switcher, free website transfer, etc.

The only limitation of the smart starter is that it allows only 1 website on a 7GB SSD storage which is not really bad.

Buy Smart Starter Now at ₦2,500/yr (20% discount)

Mega Space

This is the most recommended shared hosting plan reason being that it comes with a super big hosting capacity of 25GB SSD Storage.

Such space is enough to host a large forum, shop or community.

All features available in the Smart start are here too, and you can get it at ₦400/month

Buy Mega Space Now at ₦4,000/yr (20% discount)


The deluxe Hub8 shared hosting plans comes with a 12GB SSD storage and the ability to host up to 7 single websites.

If you intend to have several websites e.g,, then Deluxe is the right plan for you.

It is priced at ₦1,100/month

Buy Mega Space Now at ₦11,100/yr (20% discount)


The biggest of them all is Ultimate which allows the hosting of up to 15 single websites and comes with a 17GB SSD storage.

Recommended for big websites and its pricing is at ₦1,690/month.

Buy Mega Space Now at ₦16,900/yr (20% discount)

Rounding Up

A good web hosting plan can seriously get your blogging pains away, Imagine getting complains of 502 error response all the time from your visitors.

It is bad for business, hence i advise you go for Hub8 a Nigerian based hosting company that provides incredible features for Nigerians.

On plan recommendation, I love huge space, hence if you choose Hub8 shared hosting, i advise you go for Mega Space.

That’s all for Hub8 web hosting.

You next… What hub8 hosting plan would you use/recommend?