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BackLinking is an essential feature of SEO and if you wish to SEO optimize your blog, you need to start getting quality backlinks for your blog. I have seen people paying dollars to get free backlinks for their blog but thanks to Medium you can get free backlinks and also get insane traffic for your blog.

Get Free BackLinks And Traffic For Your Blog

Facebook would have just been a proper introduction to Medium but to an extent, they are both different because Medium brings targetted audience to your blog while other social media bring random traffic to your blog. Medium opens the doors to getting converting traffic but this is only if you know to do it!.

Introducing Medium

Medium is an online story media that lets you share your stories to the world seamlessly. It’s amazing feature of being easy to use makes it cool for professionals and good content finders. Best choice for medium traffic getting is a good writer.

If you can write a great post people love then you can get thousand of views from Medium in just a day. You can also place images, videos, and links to your posts which make it easy to grab free backlinks for your blog.

This is just an introductory post to open you up to a new method of getting free backlinks and insane traffic. More cool tips coming on how to make the best use of Medium and other social media or story sites alike.

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