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Jumia Mobile Week 2017

The wait is finally over. It’s time to get a new phone at the cheapest deal rate. If you want to get a new phone as a blogger, don’t forget to go for those with fast internet speed and hotspot connectivity!.

⏩  Skip Post and Hurry to Jumia Mobile WEEK – Nigerians!.

⏩  Skip Post and Rush to Jumia Mobile Week – Kenyans!

Jumia being one of the biggest online shops around, provides it’s customers from all over Africa with the best and biggest deals ever!. On Jumia black Friday you can purchase any item at a takeaway price. And I think that’s why many know only about Jumia “Black Friday”.

cheap smartphones

Mobile phones are the new technology devices with the highest purchase in this century. Nearly every person wants to be online and to carry around a laptop is one hard stuff. So a smartphone is ideal. Even my mom uses a smartphone.

The concept of Jumia Mobile week which is a yearly deal event is to bring to the internet lovers quality smartphones at a very cheap and affordable price. 

Deal Alert – Infinix 4 X555 5.5-Inch (3GB, 32GB ROM) Android 6.0 Marshmallow formally sold at N105,000 is currently being sold at N84,990. Calculate and you will notice it has a big discount. I believe that is on the highland (cost phones).

All phones on Jumia are being reduced to the least price on this very week. Starting today till the end of the week. If I were you, it’s the exact perfect time to purchase a smartphone.

Have You Used Jumia Before?

If you have not used jumia before, don’t be ashamed as many persons including me, I have not used it so we are in the same shoe. I know nearly everything about getting a deal from Jumia butIi have not used it! why?

I have not used it because I have my brothers and sisters always using it and most of the times, i don’t really have anything to purchase. I would have purchased a new phone this WEEK but my elder bro recently gave me a quality phone which has thus far be amazing.

So you see, purchasing from Jumia is not easy for me because i have people who cares about me and give me things but in no time i will start making good use of Jumia because they offer products at the cheapest of prices and delivery doesn’t take time at all!.

Jumia Pay On Delivery

Did you know you can actually purchase a product this week, without having enough money for the payment?. Yes, You don’t pay for the goods till it has been delivered to you which means you will only pay for what you see and if you don’t like it, tell them this is not what i ordered.

pay on delivery

Jumia pay on delivery is that simple. No insecurities in this one. you only pay after you have your new smartphone in your hand. Use Jumia this WEEK and get your smartphone at the cheapest price. 

If you think i have passed  a good information to you, simply visit jumia today using my link and get more amazing deals.

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