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Make Money Blogging
Apart from article brilliance and marketing strategy, one must consider how to earn income as a blogger. Though most persons do blog for fun, getting paid should also be part of the top reasons for starting a blog. Monthly earnings from your blog can help with a lot of issues, such as:
Hosting plan payment & renewal
Subscription payment
Electricity bills
Clothing & Cosmetics purchase ( for Fashion Bloggers)
Website designer payment
Renewal of tools ( e.g Hootsuite) etc. And other financial problems resulting from the blog, that needs a settlement.
Can I really make such an amount, that will solve most financial bills for me, from my blog? Yes, you can. All blogging platforms including Blogger and WordPress allows blog owners to run affiliate programs on their blog without going through a lot of coding troubles. This is the same reason why persons run a blog – To earn money.

Advantages Of Getting Paid As A Blogger

Getting paid is more of s compensation to bloggers for managing a successful blog. You do not really earn much if you do not work hard. This is why blogging job is different from office work. In the office, you start earning as soon as you are employed but in blogging it’s the other way round. You don’t make money until you are well established. Some of the basic advantages of making money as a blogger includes:
  1. Income helps in paying for monthly/yearly hosting plans
  2. Earnings make you blog with more enthusiasm, passion, and professionalism – thus improving the quality in each article you publish.
  3. Payment of bills; Subscription, Electricity, Travelling, Clothing and another sort of bills, can be handled with money from a blog.

These are some of the main reasons why every blogger should get paid. Many programs are being developed by companies and other bloggers to make earning easy for everybody. Some of these ways to advertise on your blog will be discussed bit by bit.

How To Earn Income As A Blogger

There are numerous ways to earn as a blogger, lot of services and programs which can benefit many bloggers looking for a way to earn money are available. Some of them are popular among bloggers while others are not. Today we will be discussing some of them based on a few but important characteristics.
  • Payment/Commission rate
  • Popularity
  • Trust and Terms of Service
  • Simplicity
The following programs about to be discussed are the best paying online money making medium for any blogger who wants to earn a high income.

1. Affiliate Programs

For years, Affiliate programs top the chart of most paying advertisement programs. No other service offers half of what affiliates offer. One of the biggest of the programs is Google Adsense which is seen in nearly all blogs in the world because of its high payment rate. Even other programs hack into Adsense to earn a bank worthy amount.

Google Adsense

Adsense is google’s very own and if you are on the BlogSpot platform, the program is already integrated into your blog. For WordPress and others, you need to apply for the service. Google Adsense have the best paying commission rate and offers the best advert banners and link.
A good quality of Adsense is that it only displays advertisements related to your blog or post. Hereby increase the chance of getting better clicks. With Adsense, the more visitors click on advert banners and links, the more you earn.
The only set back of Adsense is its policies which break the heart of most bloggers. Over the years, the service has gained more advertisers and publishers hereby giving them the right to establish harsh policies, if you do not work with the policies, then you won’t get approved.  Sign up for Adsense. – Make Money Online Through Website Monetization


Just like Adsense, InfoLinks pays well and offers you lot of ways to advertise and earn money. But unlike Adsense, InfoLinks provides you with pop-up and slide in options to advertise. This feature increases the rate visitors clink on Adverts.
InfoLinks also have strict rules but not as harsh as that of Adsense. InfoLinks is mostly referred to as a top alternative to Adsense. Most bloggers who couldn’t go with the policies of Adsense often held to Infolinks and start earning. Start earning with InfoLinks – Join InfoLinks

Google Adsense Alternatives

When google Adsense, InfoLinks, and other top Affiliate programs fail to approve your blog or website then other options come into place which is referred to as Adsense Alternatives. InfoLinks leads this team, but we have already discussed it above, so let’s see a list of other well-paying affiliate programs.
  1. Chitika Affiliate program – Sign Up
  2. Propeller Ads
  3. BidVertiser
  4. Alternative Ads

2. Product Sales

If well practiced, product sales pay more than affiliate programs. Product sales as meant by the word is a way of marketing your own products on your blog. Top bloggers now do so. Instead of waiting for Affiliate and obeying strict policies they just start selling from their blogs.
Product sales are more like having a shop on the internet. For every product you sell on your blog, a direct deposit is made to your account through any internet money transfer service you choose. 
Technology bloggers who design blogging templates, Widgets, tools and PC and Mobile applications offer them for sale right on their blogs through personalized post and sidebar widgets. Selling your own products is a great way of getting paid as a blogger without having to sign up for any services

Best Paying Blog Products

Below is a list of the most paying products which every blogger can venture into and start earning. The list is based on the most purchased and expensive products that world richest bloggers have used in earning.
  1. Blogger Templates and WordPress Template
  2. Cosmetics and Beauty packs
  3. Ebooks
  4. Clothes, Shoes And Fashion Outfits
  5. Furniture
  6. Mobile Apps, Phones, and Laptops
These are the most paying categories. Though there are many others. This is just to give you an understanding of product sales meaning and how you can easily start earning a couple of dollars.

3. Product Marketing

Aside from selling your own products through banners and posts, you can also help another blogger sell his/her product and get paid on each sale. Many template designers offer this service and you can even earn up to $13 for selling just one template.
Most persons now venture into this and a couple of blogs are currently selling their stuff on my blog and I will teach you how to start earning via product marketing.

Partner With My Blogger Tricks

My Blogger Tricks Affiliate is my favorite of them all because you can easily make up to $2000 just within a month. I am a member of this program and gaining from it already. Join the STC Network affiliate, sell blogger templates and others stuff and get paid really well.

Our program can be joined by anyone whether or not owning a bank account or PayPal account. The system is based on a 20% revenue share on each sale and has the power to make you up to $2000 within a month. – Join STCnetwork’s Affiliate Program!

Partner With Tesla Themes

Tesla Themes are WordPress theme designers that have a lot of themes in stock for sale. They opened their product marketing platform to enable bloggers to make real cash while they sell more templates. For each theme sold successfully on Tesla Themes you are paid a couple of dollars and by just selling up to 10 a month, you are already becoming rich. Make money with Tesla Themes
There are many other bloggers offering this service. Another I would have included is – A template designing site which I believe pays well but while trying to access them, I was having issues.
The reason why most bloggers, prefer the Product Marketing means of earning money is because there are no strict rules limiting you. You can even share your banners and links to social media, forums and anywhere. As long as you sell, you will get paid. – Make your first $1k per month with Tesla Themes

Partner With Web Hosting Sites – GoDaddy, Hostgator

Join other bloggers earning from various website hosting sites over the world. Most of the web hosting sites including Hostgator, GoDaddy, and others have opened their own affiliates, so partner with them today and start earning. The service is simple, you get paid once a customer directed by you purchases a hosting plan.

4. E-Commerce Affiliate

I saved this for the last among the list because it has not really earned for me much. And some of them still hold on to strict policies. Though they are also referred to as affiliates, I would love to separate them from the others since they advertise only their own products.
The service is similar to product marketing but the major difference is that most of the E-Commence stores have an abundance of categories and widgets to help you earn more. But product marking pays more since their commission rate is higher than that of online stores.

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon being one of the most visited and used worldwide online stores runs an affiliate program which many bloggers have been earning from. As it is always said, presentation matters. With Amazon, you have unlimited products and widgets to place on your blog.
Amazon has a low commission rate but that doesn’t stop you from earning. Amazon Affiliate though has rules, accepts nearly every blogger that signs up. – Sign Up For Amazon Affiliate.

Jumia Affiliate

Africa-based affiliate program. Actually the most paying in Nigeria and other African countries as I have seen a lot of bloggers placing Jumia banners on their blog. is a big Technology blog in Nigeria and the only Affiliate he ventured into is Jumia. 
This shows that Jumia pays well. But the biggest problem with Jumia is getting accepted. Just like Adsense, Jumia also has a lot of approval issues. Join Jumia Affiliate Program

Konga Affiliate

If not Jumia then it’s Konga. I might be wrong to say this, but Konga seems to be more accepting than Jumia because they accept nearly everyone that applies without placing strong policies down. Konga also offers a straight share button to every banner that will enable you easily share to social media.
I have used the service and they have high commission rate. Up to 9 percent and even 14 percent of the product price is offered to the blogger who sells it. Earn with Konga Affiliate

Earn As A Blogger In Nigeria

Apart from the above ways to get paid as a blogger, there are other ways to earn money. Though I won’t explain much on them but just know this category have helped a lot of Nigerian bloggers earn money.

Alternatives Ads

One of the biggest in Nigeria offering lot of ad sizes of banners and links for publishers. One of my favorite features about Alternative Ads is it easy acceptance. You can sign up today and start earning today. Be Smart, Make Money With Alternative Ads


I have been having personal issues with this one but since I see it working for other bloggers, it might work for you too. Adquet is new in Nigeria and has plans on competing with Adsense and I have recently seen a lot of bloggers running their gadgets on their blogs. – Join Adquet


Adblabla is not just a money making program because it has a great feature of helping you with back links and visitors. The service is simple – Advertise other blog’s post and banners and let 500+ others advertise yours.
They run a little affiliate program which earns you some Naira for referring users to them. – Join Adblabla

DomianKing Affiliate

Update: DomainKing has closed up

DomainKing is a hosting site in Nigeria that offers web hosting at cheap rate with the best of service and tools to keep your dot com site starting up with just a few Naira. In other to increase their platform, they have introduced an affiliate program to help you while they get more customers. – Join to Start Earning.
Successfully I have composed an article that entails 16 ways to make money as a blogger. Hopefully, after implementing the above services and programs on your blog, you should earn up to $1000 a month. Feel to share your views and recommendations below at the comment box.

My Favourite Affiliate Programs to Earn More!

Thanks to God and May God bless you and your blog!.