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After designing a beautiful template for my personal blog, I have decided to publish the exact template for users who love the BlogSpot template.  Hopefully, you will like it for its smoothness, uniqueness, responsiveness, speed and adorable layout.

OPAD: Responsive Blogger Template
OPAD is the first of its kind and is also a door opener to many other premium BlogSpot themes. With great taste of beauty and perfectness, OPAD blogger template was made. Unlike other premium templates, Opad is 100% built on BlogSpot default CSS which makes it fully customizable.
It’s cool features allow you to change the layout, colours, font, and many other functions. Opad among a few others is referred to as most Adsense Optimised. With numerous ways to place banners, links and text ads, Opad stands a chance of earning high daily income for your blog.
With only 250 page views a day, Opad has earned me close to $4 dollars on its demo blog. Many templates can not even earn up to that amount in a while. Opad is the perfect money making template for bloggers who are eager to earn big while blogging.

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Features Of OPAD

Fully Customizable 

Opad is fully customizable, you can change the colours of all the sections in the blog. From the header to the body. OPAD also allows you choose your default font for all sections. You can add any header image, replace the search box with an advert, and many other things.

Changing the Default Header Color, Background, Body And Link Color

On documentation, is a video showing you how to change the default (black) header colour of  Opad blogger template to any colour of your choice and also how to change the default link colour from blue to any colour of your choice.

100% SEO Friendly

Among the numerous abilities of OPAD blogger template, is the ability to feature your blog on search engines. The template was designed to get your blog post to ranked #1 in google and bing search engines. The theme with no doubts has passed tons of SEO test and has come out to be 100% SEO friendly.

Well Optimised Title Tags

Ever wondered while WordPress blogs ranked better than BlogSpot blogs? well, it’s all because of this little trick which I have added to OPAD. The heading tags of Blogspot blogs are poor by default but with a few codes, I have made them optimized.
template features
Important tags are placed on both blog header and the post title which will make Google index your post better and longer.

Mobile Friendly And Responsive

OPAD is designed to give you that amazing look on all devices. Opad is 100% responsive and fits very well into numerous screens. Using online testing tools including ResPick, Mobile Test me and Google Mobile Friendliness checker, Opad has been rated a 100% mobile friendly.

Adsense (Ads) Optimised

Ever wanted to earn huge money from your blog? then OPAD is the best decision you can ever make. Which over 10 high paying Ads spots on this template, you are sure of a high increase in daily, weekly and month earnings.

OPAG Ads Spots

1: Sidebar Smart Ads: of 300×250, 300×600 at the sidebar which shows both on homepage and post pages,
2. Footer Banner: High paying ad spots at the footer. Best for 720×90, 970×90 and other wide ad banners. It is also cool for text and post ads like mine at the footer.
3. Within Post Ads: A 460x banner is always shown within the post body. You can specify where this ad spot will be shown.
4. Relevant Ads After Post: Cool ads are shown after every post on your blog, both in homepage and post page.

Other Features Of OPAG

1. Related posts
3. Custom Comment Section
5.  High speed and Neatly Coded
6. Search Box
7. Dropdown Navigation Menu
8. AddThis Share Buttons
9. Recent Post Slider

Blogger Template For All Platform

Opad aside from being cool is a theme for all platforms. It fits well into all categories BlogSpot blogs. You can use it Fashion, Technology, General Gossip, News blog, Sports Mag.. the list is endless because Opad is fully customizable and fits well into all blogging platforms.

OPAD Responsive Blogger Template

Opad premium blogger template is sold at the below price range:

Template – NGN 5000
Template and Installation – NGN 8000
Template, Installation and Lifetime support – NGN 15,000

Love this template? Then simply message me at the contact form or email at [email protected]

Free – Premium Support

Purchasers of this template will get a full support for the first 1week of purchase. Within this week, I can help you install the theme and test out its features. But after the free support week, other services which will now be included as premium support will be charged at $4 per week.
loved Opad template

Final Words

Opad is my first premium template which I am offering at a considerable price. The theme will serve you well with its highly rated SEO tricks, nice coding, beautiful layout, customizing options and many other features. I love the Jumbo share buttons and am thinking you will love it too. 
Happy Blogging