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A few years ago, Google Adsense would only let publishers place 3 advert unit per page but as of 2018, you can place up to 10.

Here is what happened!

Adsense has also figured out the power behind placing multiple ads on a page. But however, you can place 100 adverts spots on your blog, without making money. Yes!.

Introducing Ismart – Best Google Adsense Ready blogger template.

ismart blogger template

Ismart Blogger Template is what you need to increase your Google Adsense earnings and SEO too. This is so because Ismart blogger template has been built with the latest optimization tricks.

Here are the outstanding features that make Ismart blogger template, the best blogspot theme for any blogger in 2019.

Adsense Ready

ismart blogger template post page

If Google Adsense can change its policies why can’t you take advantage of it?

Ismart Blogger template comes in with pre-built ads spot, luckily for you, these ads spots have been optimized for highest earnings both on mobile and on a desktop.

The Ismart blogspot theme, allows you to place over 7 adverts space of different types; Banner, Link, InArticle, InFeed & Matched content.

Recall banner blindness has become a big born of contention for Adsense publishers, well good luck, Ismart is properly optimized for this.

Here are the available ads spots

  • 300 x 250 sidebar banner
  • Horizontal Link & Banner Ads above content
  • InArticle or InFeed Advert Below Title
  • InArticle or InFeed Advert inside post content
  • 300 x 250 below post content (x2)
  • Matched Content Below Post Content
  • Horizontal Link/Banner Below Blog Content.

According to experiments, these Ads spots perfume very well and as a hint “For Dummies” practices same AdSense placement.

SEO Friendly

ismart blogger template seo friendly

Ismart Blogger Template has been created to meet all the latest on-page SEO standards.

From being fast loading to being responsive and aside from the basics SEO settings, Ismart also takes good care of advanced SEO techniques.

I have verified it’s SEO friendliness using various online SEO tools.

Fully Customizable

Ismart is a user first theme, which means it is fully created for non-techy bloggers who would like to give their blog a different look.

Using the blogger template customizer, you can change the size of the sidebar and main content,

you can edit and design the header to have your own colors and feel without even touching codes

and lastly, you can edit the main theme and link colors right in the blogger template customizer.

It’s that easy to give your blog a fresh look.

Fast Loading

Ismart blogger template pagespeed

In 2018 Amplified Mobile Pages became a hit because according to Google “Users want fast loading pages”.

AMP is for mobile but the Ismart fast loading technology cut across both Mobile, Desktop and tablets.

Giving your website users a great value for their time. Instead of waiting for a few minutes, they just wait for seconds.

Images, Fonts, and Scripts are all lazy loaded to ensure your content is well displayed to your users. To prove, its fast loading technology, I have used pagespeed tools to test it.

Mobile Friendly

ismart blogger template mobile friendly

Recently, I worked on a site that gets over 95% of traffic from mobile phone users, so definitely I know what it means to make a site mobile friendly.

Unlike other themes, Ismart Blogger Template is Responsive, Fast loading and Scaled with various viewpoints.

With over 5 media queries, Ismart blogger template can easily/quickly resize for all mobile screen sizes and tablets too.

To verify this, I tested Ismart using google mobile-friendly test.

Clean Code

No code is poorly written, not even CSS.

Ismart Blogger Template has been carefully coded to avoid breaches of any sort.

Anyone good at coding can easily edit the template without having to message me. It’s well coded.

Share Buttons

Ismart blogger template share buttons

Once again, I had to add my cool share buttons to Ismart blogger template.

A template with similar share button is Goodness blogger template which is another power template.

With a right side floating share button set and a button responsive share button set, Ismart blogger template gains extra ground to increase your post’s shares.

SMO Friendly

Social Media channels have long taken over the traffic source.

With billions of monthly users, Facebook and Twitter can easily supply your site with thousands of daily view.

But however, your blog needs to be SMO friendly i.e Social Media Optimization. Ismart Blogger theme has this all sorted out.

Some of its social media features include

  1. Facebook open graph
  2. Twitter card integration
  3. Google+ Authorship
  4. Facebook likes generation etc.

Ismart Adsense ready blogger template is set to take your social media engagement to the next level.

TOC Widget

Ismart blogger template toc

I have grown to become a fan of TOC because it works.

TOC which stands for Table Of Content is one of the greatest features released my Mustafa to the blogspot platform and I was quick to optimize its usage.

With Automatic TOC, you don’t need to worry about how to generate a table of content on each post, my settings take care of that.

Why TOC?

Table of Content makes it super easy for Google search spiders/crawlers to understand your blog post for better indexing.

To prove this right, Google search result pages have started showing “jump-to links” generated from TOC widget below posts ranked/indexed.

In other words, TOC is both a user-friendly widget and also a search engine recommended feature.

Schema Tags

Ismart blogger template schema tags

When schema tags came onboard, a lot of developers did not understand the trick.

But now I do and I have created the best schema markup for you in Ismart blogger template.

One main reason for Schema tags is a proper understanding of page content by Google,

Such understanding can lead to being featured on “answer boxes etc”. It also brings about rich snippets.

I have verified Ismart with google schema testing tool to ensure there is not schema error in the code.

Awesome Header

Ismart blogger template header

How about a floating & animating header? – made without using JQuery codes?

That’s the beauty of it all. All pure CSS, Ismart has installed a well-designed header ready to suit the purpose of a Header, Menu, and a Search bar.

Ismart blogger template header is indeed a smart one, on mobile screens menus and a search bar appears on click while on a desktop they appear fulling.

This was achieved with only Javascript and CSS.

Floating Sidebar

Ismart blogger template floating sidebar

Tired of the normal sidebar with empty spaces at the bottom?

Ismart blogger template was built differently with a floating sidebar that slides along the page content while scrolling.

One of the biggest advantages of such is that users are directed to view only important sidebar items such as Adverts, Popular post, lead generation box etc.

On mobile, the sidebar takes its usual bottom location.

Lead Generation Box

Ismart blogger template floating lead generation box

Many blogger templates lack lead generation boxes and therefore results to poor number email subscribers.

Say NO to that!

Supercharge the number of daily generated leads with the Awesome lead generation box well crafted for your homepage.

Its content is edited and well explained in the documentation.


Included in the documentation is how to set SEO, SMO, Widgets, Adverts etc. The documentation is included in the theme file.

You can easily set up the entire theme by following the instructions written in the documentation.

Customer Support

After the purchase of Ismart blogger template, I will offer you support which includes response to emails whenever you have some issues.

Do note however that the documentation offers enough support to you as it is well written to set up the theme.

That does not stop you from reaching out to me via email.

Platform For Use

Ismart Blogspot theme is a multipurpose blogspot template. It can be used for Technology sites, Personal blog, Authority sites, Book sites etc.

Ismart blogger template is a close match for “For Dummies”  blogger template. Explore its features on any kind of blog.

so what are you waiting for?

Download Ismart blogger template and boost your earnings today!

How to install Ismart template.

After purchase, a zip file will be will be downloaded by you.

Unzip the file to get access to Ismart theme files and Documentation.

Go to your blogger dashboard >> Theme >> Backup/Restore.

Upload the theme XML file from your laptop and that’s all.

How to enable Ismart Blogger Template Mobile view

Ismart is made responsive and mobile-ready.

In other to enable this feature, Go to Theme >> Mobile

Click on the gear icon and select “No. Show desktop theme on mobile devices.”

That is all. View your blog on your phone and love what you see.

All other set up processes are explained in the documentation.

Ismart Blogger Template Features
  • Customization
  • SEO Friendly
  • AdSense Ready
  • Page Speed
  • SMO Friendly
  • Mobile Ready


Ismart Blogger Template a responsive, fast loading, SEO friendly, AdSense ready and mobile-optimized BlogSpot theme


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