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Updtae: DomianKing is fully back

From Technical issues to fraud. a domain name provider which most Nigerians including myself trusted for quality hosting and domain registry has turned out to be a fraud and team of scammers. Due to this you should transfer your domain name from Domainking to Garanntor.

Domain name from DomainKing To Garanntor

At first domainking issues started from the affiliate program, then to DNS panel registration then it moved to contacting them. Till they finally shut down the site. I don’t know if true, but a post on OgbongeBlog reveals that the owners of DomainKing have been arrested for fraudulent acts.

Transfer Your Domain Name.

Due to the site shut down, it is recommended for you to transfer your domain so you can get access to your Control Panel, activate emails and also renew your plan. And to do this, many Domain name providers will request for an EPP code.

An EPP code (domain transfer security code) at this point can no longer be acquired by a domainking customer because the site is completely down. This is why you should consider moving to Garanntor because they can transfer your domain name without an EPP code.

What is Garanntor?

Garanntor is a new Nigeria based web hosting company which also provide domain names at cheap and affordable rates. You get a list of the most valued top level domain names including .com and

Garanntor is the first domain provider company to have its infrastructures (building) here in Nigeria. This makes it more reliable for Nigerian bloggers. If they try anything them go see anything.

Why Move From To

Domain name transfer does not require any technical know how and due to this, bloggers tend to do it themselves. Garanntor stands to be one of the best alternatives to DomainKing and transferring your domain name from Domainking to Garanntor is a very simple process that takes just 5mins or even less.

Garanntor can be trusted by Nigerians and they help with everything. During the transfer, you don’t have to change any settings, neither do you need any code to make it work. Just submit your request and they will do it for you instantly.

How To Transfer Domain Name From DomainKing To Garanntor Without EPP Code

Just the same way I moved my domain name from to, you can do same. Easy to transfer and it takes less than 5mins. Put in mind that you need to pay a renewal fee depending on your domain name. Mine cost N2150 because its

Requirements To Transfer Domain To Garanntor

  1. An Account with Garanntor
  2. Valid Nigerian ID card (Voters card, Drivers license etc).
  3. Domainking Domain purchase Invoice in PDF format(you can this file in the email domainking sent to you when you purchased your domain name).
  4. Email used to purchase or manage the domainking account.  
  5. URL of the domain you want to transfer from Domainking to Garanntor (e.g

Steps To Transfer Domain Name To Garanntor

Step 1 – Create Free Garanntor Account

As you intend to transfer your domain to Garanntor, you first need to create a free account at 

Step 2. –  Send Domain Information To Garanntor.

If you have the above requirements, simply send a mail to Garanntor ([email protected]) using the email address you used to open your account. The email details should be as shown below.

Email Format

Hello, my Name is Okosun John Eigbohen. I own a domain ( on domainking and after reading about moving to Garanntor on ObhiabaBlog, I wish to move my domain name to Garanntor.
Domain name:
Email Address: [email protected]
My Garanntor Account Email Address: [email protected]
Invoice and id card are attached as files.

Don’t forget to attach the Invoice and a photo of your ID card to the email.

Step 3 – Payment For Renewal.

Within 5 to 10 mins of sending your request, Garanntor will contact you with an invoice which you will pay using either PayPal, Bank Transfer or PlayStack (ATM card). Simply pay the amount requested and your domain will be transferred from to immediately.

garanntor domain

Step 4 – Log into Your Garanntor CPanel.

After payment, your domain will be active and they will provide you a link to login to your CPanel. You can now enjoy services from Garanntor domain name provider.

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This is the simple way I transferred my domain name from to Garanntor without an EPP security code and I am hoping to enjoy great services from them. I will soon be posting more domain and hosting services from Garanntor.