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Do you want more traffic from Google?

If yes, this tutorial on BlogSpot Web 2.0 website SEO technique is for you.

Its a simple technique used by top SEO bloggers which most them hardly reveal to you…

…often times, you are being asked to write quality content and buy backlinks from .edu blogs

but no one makes mention of Web 2.0 SEO technique.

Well, today.

Am going to guide you on all its all about and its requirements but before then, let’s get a better understanding of SEO and how web 2.0 technique can boost it.

Ultimate guide to BlogSpot Web 2.0 website SEO technique

Obviously, every blogger knows the basic of SEO to be

  1. On-page
  2. Off-page

When we talk about On-page, it covers for Great content, image optimization, good headline etc

but when we talk about Off-page, we regard guest posting, commenting etc

all these, which happen to be a way of “Building backlinks”.

Therefore, We can as well say, link building is one of the major Off-page SEO techniques to practice.

Here is a complete list of 25 SEO techniques [that work in 2018]

So how then do we build links?

Hmm… that question leads us to Web 2.0 which is one of the free methods to build backlinks without spending money.

What is Web 2.0 and its effect on SEO

Web 2.0 simply refer to dynamic websites that have user-generated content.

Actually, its same as what we call blogs, social networks etc.

Here are a few examples of web 2.0

  1. Blogspot blogs
  2. Youtube 
  3. etc

And lot more.

But in this guide, I am going to be talking about using BlogSpot blog for web 2.0 website SEO.

Let get right into it.

How to use blogspot blogs for web 2.0 website SEO

Basically, it is summarized in practically 4 steps

  1. Creating a blogspot blog
  2. Creating content (blog post)
  3. Linking to your content
  4. Driving traffic

Creating a free Blogspot blog

Hopefully, you already own a blogspot blog which has an email attached to it.
You can easily create a second blog by following the image below

create a free blogspot blog

And then, give it a meaningful name related to your niche.

Don’t know how? – here is a guide on choosing the best blog name to help you.

name your new blogger blog

Select, any theme for your choice.

If you would prefer to use a quality SEO optimized theme, do check out Goodness blogger template.

Follow, these tutorials to learn basic SEO tricks to optimize the blog

In case, you don’t own a free blog on blogspot, simply create a Gmail account using this link

after doing so, visit and create your blog.

That’s all for step one and that leads on to creating content.

Creating Content

Web 2.0 has user-generated content, therefore you have got to create a few blog posts.

Depending on your niche, you can easily create a minimum of 15 blog posts for low competition keywords

if you don’t know how to do so, follow the tutorials below to get it done.

Upon, doing that,

Here are the steps to create a post on blogger,

Go to >> Posts >> New Post.

create post in blogger

Compose your post “in the compose mode”. You can easily add images and videos.

blogspot compose post

Don’t publish yet, follow step 3.

Make sure, these blog posts have nothing less than 800 words, this will make ranking easy!.

That leads us to step 3

Linking to your content

Next thing, is to link to your content on your main blog using relevant keywords.

Here is what am talking about.

So assuming you have a post titled “Understanding SEO keywords” on your main blog,

The best and most Search Engine optimized way to link to such content is to link via keywords with “SEO Keyword, SEO, Understanding keywords etc”.

Hopefully, you understand that,

Here is how to create a do follow link on blogger

 while on the compose tab, locate the keyword you wish to link to and highlight it

add link to blogger blog

after that, click the link button at the top

blogger dofollow link

input the URL from your main blog and save

That’s all.

Do that for as many posts/URL you wish to link t
o and publish your post.

Driving traffic

This is the second trick, why drive traffic?

here’s the deal

Google, use crawlers to survey sites and the activities going on. This is the same way they find sites linking to each other

but then, these crawlers are slow

so you have got to make them fast and that’s why you drive traffic.

Because by driving traffic, Google notice an activity going on and will, therefore, index such pages

By indexing pages that link to you, you get two things

  • Google traffic
  • Boost in SEO

Now, this boost might not be huge because the web 2.0 site is still in its low authority state but with time it will gain more authority.

So let us say you created 10 web 2.0 websites

in about 2 years, these sites must have grown high authority.

so whenever you publish a new post and link to it, such post automatically get 10 quality links from 10 high authority sites

so you see why web 2.0 website SEO technique work?

Yes, I do.

So how do I drive traffic?

There are numerous ways but here are some of the internet’s favorites

  • Social media channel
  • Forums
  • Paid Adverts and much more.

So what are you waiting for?

Start creating web 2.0 websites using blogger blogspot.

It might not have a serious impact now, but as an SEO learner, you have got to look at the future possibility.

Something else I suggest is to link to all of your new blog posts from the web 2.0 websites this will make quick indexing easy for you.

Here is something for you

Now, I have seen bloggers gain quality backlinks and traffic using this simple hack

what do you think of it?

Are you going to create web 2.0 websites right away?

or you already have a better SEO technique?

Share with me, I will be super excited to read your comment!

See you in the next post.