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In WordPress, you get a simple to use WordPress Table of Content plugin which lets you display titles as navigation inside post.

The innitial reason for doing this was so as to enable users scroll down to a section of a post easily

But however, with Google and other search engine interest in it, you can now using the WordPress Table of Content plugin to increase your CTR (Click-Through rate)

Just the same way, we did with Headline analyzers.

Here are the simple steps you need to take.

Note, if you already have the table of content plugin activated you still need to follow these steps maybe you might have missed the most important settings which i will reveal to you soon.

Step #1 – Download & Install Easy Table Of Content

There are many free table of content plugins available at the WordPress repository but i will be making use of Easy table of content.

Reasons be that

  1. It is what i use on my blog
  2. Easy table of content is really simple to understand
  3. Customization is also very easy
  4. Lastly, it did well to increase my CTR.

On your WordPress dashboard, Go to Plugins >> Add new >> Search for “Easy Table of Contents”

Download it and install it asap.

Step #2 Setting Up Easy Table Of Conten Plugin

After activation, you can easily setting it up by visiting Settings >> Table Of Contents.

Here are the basic settings we are going to be doing,

  • Enable Support – Post (I added products to mine because i sell using woocommerce).
  • Auto Insert – Post (I also added products too)
  • Position – Before first heading
  • Show when – 2 or more headings
  • Display header label – tick this
  • Header lable – Table of content
  • Toggle View – Tick this
  • Initial View – Don’t tick this
  • Show as Hierarchy – Don’t tick this
  • Headings – H2, H3, H4

Leave every other settings the same

Save your setting. Visit your post and you should see a Table of content box showing inside all blog posts.

CTR Benefits

The CTR which inturn drive traffic to your blog benefit is very simple. When Link to sections are properly display on your blog post,

Google also pick them up and display it alongside your search result in Google result page.

Below, is an example of the sub-headings in my post being displayed by Google below my post

Wordpress Table Of Content Plugin
WordPress Table Of Content Plugin

Another CTR benefit is the popular Google, skip to paragraph which is also shown as seen below blog post links on search page.

Wordpress Table Of Content Plugin Jump To 2
WordPress Table Of Content Plugin Jump To 2

These information is gotten from the table of content plugin for wordpress and can go along way in boosting your CTR, hence increasing your daily traffic.

Rounding Up

In Neil recent post, he said “getting tarffic is not all about ranking 1” you can rank one and still not get the traffic, hence it is way more better to attract searchers to click.

High CTR makes more sense than high ranking.

Using the WordPress Table Of Content Plugin, you can easily add a little optimization to your blog link display.