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WordPress Vs Blogger

When choosing a blogging platform to start your new blog, a blogger must consider which between WordPress and Blogspot is better and why?. Many comparisons have been made between the two best blogging platforms and today we are going to be making a review based on security – WordPress Vs Blogger – Which Is More Secured Against Hacking?

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WordPress Blogs

WordPress by far has more active users than any other platform in the world. WordPress took over from blogger, Tumblr and other blogging platforms due to unlimited access to great plugins and themes. I personally like WordPress for giving the blog owner full power and control over his blog.

To Start a WordPress blog is very easy all one needs to do is pay for hosting from one of the best/Affordable Hosting Providers and install file and that’s all. His blogging joining has just begun. As long as you have paid for enough bandwidth you are good to go.

Next step would be to install some free SEO plugins, optimize images, write posts with proper keywords usage, prevent spamming comments etc. This is an overview of everything about WordPress. It is just a click and installs platform that makes blogging really easy.

Blogger Blogs

One of the oldest blogging platforms and also owned and managed by Google itself. or as popularly referred Blogspot is another great platform that is entirely FREE. Everything you will ever need to use in blogger is free and requires only your knowledge and ability.

You don’t get to install plugins just as you would do in WordPress. You would need to add everything to the blog HTML editor yourself. Most reviewers recommend Blogspot platform for beginners and persons who just want to write.

But on the bright side, Blogger can also be used by professionals who make millions from blogging yearly. A view at Nigerian blogs reveals that hosts the best and most visited blogs in Nigeria especial Gossip and music blogs.

To create a blogger blog is very easy. All you need is a Gmail account (you can create free), visit and create your blog. No need for hosting or paying any fees but if you wish you can purchase a cheap and affordable domain name for your blog.

WordPress Vs Blogger – Which Can Be Easily Hacked?

WordPress is the home of plugins and amazing themes but of what worth has the numerous plugins and themes if some hacker can easily hack your blog and delete all your posts and can also delete the entire blog?. That being said, We conducted a Q&A topic on “WordPress Vs Blogger – Which is more secure against hackers?” on facebook and we got massive feedback!!.

WordPress Vs Blogger which is better and why

Basically, the survey conducted was to find out which of the platforms most bloggers preferred in terms of security?. Some of the commenters voted for Blogger against WordPress!!..

Blogger Is More Secured Against Hacking – Facebook Answers.

Just as you would say that WordPress has more flexibility and plugins, many bloggers also felt that blogger is more secured against hacking and hackers because of the following reasons.

  1. Blogger Blogs are hosted on google (google security)
  2. You have to hack google to hack blogger blog
  3. WordPress is easy to hack but Blogger isn’t due to the question being asked on account recovery
  4. Blogger Because there is no any single complain about hack on Blogger blog.
  5. In WordPress, any good hacker can find his way around your Cpanel, but the only way to hack blogger is to get his Gmail password, as simple as it may sound it’s by far the most complicated

WordPress Is More Secured Against Hacking – Facebook Answers

  1. When someone gains access to your Gmail account, the rest is a story. It’s easier to hack into blogger than WP
  2. hacking blogger is as simple as ABC. I guess WordPress is more secure.
  3. WordPress ooo.. with word fence pro plugin no shaking

Other answers were simple “Blogger Blogger Blogger” and a few ” WP WP”. In total, Blogger seems to have an edge over WordPress because Blogspot’s security is provided free by Google. And this is the same security measure that covers every other google account.

WordPress from another angle can be made security strong by using several premium plugins which include Word Fence. And I read a story about “” being hacked few weeks after moving from blogger to WordPress.

WordPress Vs Blogger - Which Is More Secure Against Hacking?

The topic “WordPress Vs Blogger – Which Is More Secured Against Hacking? is still very active and you can drop your answers, experience, and stories about these two platforms in the comments box below.  And don’t forget to add solutions on how to improve security on both platforms.